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Most Nigerians in certain parts of the country lives in perpetual fear everyday of their lives, not knowing when or where the next attack will be. Armed robbery, kidnapping, herdsmen attack and religious insurgency has become a bane in our daily lives, as it is clear that the issue of insecurity is not restricted to flashpoint areas of the country anymore, virtually every region is feeling the heat. The state of insecurity in Nigeria has become a national emergency.

Monsuru Adeshina Adigboluja nursing his injuries after the attack
Monsuru Adeshina Adigboluja nursing his injuries after the attack

Our correspondent in Ogun state Bola Adegbeji investigated several crimes and among is that of a young banker, Monsuru Adeshina Adigboluja. Monsuru was born into a distinguished and influential Islamic family. Until his death in 2007, Chief Abdul Razaq Adigboluja, Monsuru’s father was a devoted Muslim. All members of Adigboluja family are well known. But unfortunately for Monsuru Adesina, he was converted to Christianity. Then problems begin. He was attacked by religious extremists, citing reasons for his conversion; he even got married to a Christian woman, as well as associated mainly with his fellow Christians. The people of Ogun state where Monsuru lives are known to be peaceful, both Christians and Muslims are known to have coexisted for years, but the recent attack on Monsuru came as a shock.

Blank NEWS Online correspondent further gathered information from a reliable source that some Islamic extremists, mainly (Boko Haram) has mingled with the Muslim community and that in recent times, the Christians have begun live in perpetual fear.

Our correspondent further learnt from a reliable source in Abeokuta Police Station that although the police are aware of the unfortunate development, there is nothing they could do to allay the inherent fear of religious uprising.

Monsuru's son,  Abduraheem Oluwanifesi was attacked and being treated
Monsuru’s son, Abduraheem Oluwanifesi was attacked and being treated

On a visit to the community health centre, our correspondent discovered to his amazement that Monsuru’s son, Abduraheem Oluwanifesi was also attacked; he suffered an appreciable amount of injury. The attack, according to the victim’s mother, happened on 14th December, 2012.

Further investigation by our correspondent shows that similar attack happened last year. They said some bandits invaded their home, beat up every one and kidnapped Monsuru Adesina. He was not seen until after four days. He was dumped in a trench along Lagos-Ibadan expressway.

The question is how long will innocent persons continue to be molested without police protection. The Nigeria constitution allows freedom of religion and association. But if we are no longer free to live in our beautiful country, then where do we go from here?

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