Blank NEWS Online (NIGERIA) –By Austen AKHAGBEME:

One of the most embarrassing situations today in Nigeria, especially at the wake of the recent hashtag protests, is the menace of Hoodlums everywhere.

Their coordinated activities and the near similar methods of operation points to a possible existence of an unknown drummer in this macabre dance.

Whether the drummer is a human personality (an aggrieved victim of the vagaries of our harsh society) or the very unfriendly reality of our daily existence in a Nation that is rich with poor citizens, the menace of the “street” hoodlums is very disconcerting.

Agreed that crime and criminality itself, is a social problem especially in developing societies, the recent emergence of a huge number of people dangerously inclined to perpetuate evil while unleashing mayhem on their fellow citizens leaves much to be desired.

Is this truly the way we are? Do we always have this propensity to cause pain to others? Or is it a new emotional trait, orchestrated by the harshest of seasons and times such as we’re witnessing now?

These are questions that bothers the mind whose answers, too, will be full of questions and more questions.

There’s no denying the fact that the problem of hoodlumism in Nigeria is of a cyclical origin. Where it begins is as difficult to trace or know as that of the story of who comes first between the chicken and the egg.

The Society produced the hoodlums, overt or covert, no doubt. Then the more intelligent and educated hoodlums gets into positions of authority and steal the commonwealth. This further create more street hoodlums and the circle continues.

So, what we see today is the menace of street hoodlums birthed years ago by the educated, unpatriotic and political hoodlums in places of authority in our society especially in governmental circles.

As we condemn the activities of looters, arsonists, thieves all in the name of hoodlumism, let us also tilt our searchlight to the most “unlikely ” quarters and raise our voices to condemn the pillaging of our common patrimony in all its ramifications.

  • Austen AKHAGBEME is a Columnist with Blank NEWS Online
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