Igbide/Emede Crisis: IDU, Peace C’ttee Broker Peace

Warring Communities Agree On 6-Point Resolution To Cease Hostilities

Blank NEWS Online (NIGERIA) –From Michael EKOKORUWE:

The Apex body of Isoko nation, Isoko Development Union (IDU), on Monday 21st of December 2020, brokered peace between the two warring communities of Igbide and Emede in Isoko South local government area, through its President General, High Chief Iduh Amadhe, the Peace Committee, President’s General from Isoko clans and agreed on six (6)) point resolution to end the land dispute that led to the destruction of lives and properties.

While presenting a communiqué with 6 points resolution to newsmen at the National Secretariat of Isoko Development Union at Oleh, headquarter of Isoko South local government area, the Secretary of Isoko Development Union, Dr. Chris Akpotu, stated that “the re-enforcement of common position by both communities to remove every road block takes immediate effect”.

He said, “both communities have agreed to henceforth completely cease fire end ensure calmness in all ramification, adding that the people should refrain from any form of reprisal attack”.

The communiqué also stated that “the citizens of both communities must not exhibit any weaponry, stressing that any person found with weapon will be fined heavily by the leaders of that community”.

It maintained that “all farming and fishing activities within and around the disputed area should be suspended henceforth, pending final resolution and review of the land by the committee”.

Both communities in principle agreed to have a permanent boundary that will be established and marked –out for generations, adding that a joint peace committee of both communities of Igbide, Emede, I.D.U and the local government council are to resolve all issues relating to the disputed land, the communiqué stated.

While reiterating the need for peaceful co-existence between the people of Igbide and Emede, High Chief Iduh Amadhe said, “I am the peace maker, whether as I.D.U President or not, I will continue to be peace maker in this process because I don’t want crisis in both communities”.

Amadhe warned against utterances that can instigate violence and urged the people to desist from derogatory statements, noting that leaders of both communities should advise thier subjects to remain peaceful as peace has returned.

He cautioned the leaders not to behave like ‘mates’ in a marriage and appealed to the people to stay away from anger and strife, adding that the peace committee will visit both communities to ensure lasting peace.

Amadhe commended Emede community leaders for their peaceful disposition and appealed for continuous understanding and truth in the community.

The high point of the peace meeting with representatives of both communities from Igbide and Emede, President’s General from various Isoko clans, the peace committee and executive members of Isoko Development Union was a unanimous ovation of peace agreement.

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