Blank NEWS Online (NIGERIA) –By Austen AKHAGBEME:

To the average political pundit and the avowed political watcher, Sen Ahmed Bola Tinubu and his politics needs no introduction. This owes partly to his near cult figure among his followers and his many political battles fought (in a not too friendly turf) and won in the past.

The Jagaban, as Sen Bola Tinubu is fondly called, left no one in doubt about his taunted political ambition with his loud body language and his consistent invincibility where it matters most.

Presently speaking, so many kites are being flown and dummies presented, all in a bid to outsmart one another by the two cardinal political power blocs in Nigeria– the north and the south.

Within the ambit of the ruling party, rumours are rife that constitutionally speaking, the issue of rotational Presidency is silent and therefore, not biding and as such, the north may not be committing any infraction by choosing to continue with the status quo as regards which part the Presidency Pendulum swings come 2023.

This has generated undue heat and discomfort amongst the rank and file of the several caucuses angling at producing the next President from their fold within the Party.

The recent visit to Tinubu by the controversial former senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki and the rumoured talk and ongoing consultation between former vice President, Atiku Abubakar and some powerful northern power brokers, is a Pointer that the Jagaban may be in for a battle of his life.

Whether or not he’s fighting for himself or a stooge as he’s won’t to do, may not be the question that needs an answer in the ageing mind of the Jagaban; what needs an answer is his continued political relevance, when the battle is lost and won.

As a loyal and indefatigable party man, party consensus has always been his disposition; he emphasizes party loyalty and discipline to the core. But whether or not he would jettison this for self preservation when the odds are against him is yet to be known.

Those who are familiar with the jagabanism brand of politics appreciate the power of mentoring and result associated with it. It is a zero sum brand of politicking that leaves no chance to the opposition. It is politics embedded at the grassroots with enough clientele and hangers-on.

It’s cyclical nature makes one philosopher King her cherished pivot. It’s principles are hinged on elite comfort but based on populism. Coupled with her financial might, elections are contested and won and the opposition, overrun. This is the stuff Jagabanism is made of and the protagonist remains Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

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