-By Austen Akhagbeme:

With all the expected pomp, fanfare, music and excitement reminiscent of the amiable personality of the newly sworn-in governor of Osun state, Senator Ademola Jackson Adeleke took over the reins of power bestriding a trojan horse.

His youthful mindset, dancing steps and easy mien could not hide his resolve and determination to undo the many human and political boobytraps allegedly set on his way by the outgoing Governor Oyetola, his ace political rival and predecessor.

It should be recalled that Senator Adeleke and his Party had it so tough coming this far since 2019 when they lost it by the whiskers, via a controversial re-runs. And so, Oyetola had the first laugh.

The intrigues and internal wrangling within the APC in the state before and after the party primaries created an added advantage to the emergence of the ” dancing Senator”. Perhaps, the pain of losing a seat as an incumbent necessitated the many alleged last-minute rush job of the outgone Governor Oyetola, which has ingloriously become a cause for concern for any lover of good governance.

Here is a governor who within four years, had only three permanent secretaries but surreptitiously employed thirty of his party members as permanent secretaries five days before his departure.

Just like in some other states where state governors emasculate local government councils and officials, former governor Gboyega Oyetola didn’t find it necessary and democratic to conduct local government elections within his four-year tenure until a month before his handing over.

All in all, Oyetola in his four years in office employed less than two thousand workers but was alleged to have suddenly rushed to engage twelve thousand party members without due process as he prepares to vacate his seat.

Just yesterday, most senior government political appointees of the former governor in Osun state were alleged to have absconded with their official vehicles and even home appliances in their official residences and this is unthinkable!

There is no doubt that the political animosity and the unwarranted bureaucratic problem created by these alleged ignoble acts of an outgoing government may take some time to ameliorate or correct. Perhaps, this is why the seemingly “harmless” and ever-dancing Governor Adeleke is not taking this lying low. He must dust the dusty tables.

  • Austen AKHAGBEME is a Columnist with Blank NEWS Online
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