Aniocha/Oshimili Council Chairmen Hail Elumelu For Effective Representation

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AS the 9th Assembly of the House of Representatives marks its second legislative year, Chairmen of Councils in Aniocha/Oshimili Federal Constituency in Delta State, have paid glowing compliments to the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, Hon. Ndudi Elumelu for his charismatic representation of the People at the National Assembly.

Hon Ndudi Elumelu, representing Aniocha/Oshimili Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, was among those inaugurated into the 9th Assembly of the House of Representatives two years ago, 11 June, 2019 where he was also elected by his colleagues as the Minority Leader of the House.

Since his inauguration in June 2019, Hon. Ndudi Elumelu has continued to demonstrate effective and proactive representation to the admiration of his people, not only in Aniocha/Oshimili Federal Constituency, but also in Delta State and Nigeria as a whole.

This was the position of the four Chairmen of the Local Government Areas that comprise Aniocha/Oshimili Federal Constituency namely: Hon. Innocent Esewezie; Oshimili North, Hon. Kelvin Ezenyili; Oshimili South, Hon. Kevin Okwechime; Aniocha North and Hon. Jude Chukwuwike; Aniocha South.

In assessing Hon. Ndudi Elumelu’s two years representation, the Council bosses spoke highly of his performance and said that he has brought the people closer to the federal level while maintaining a supportive role at his Delta State base.

The Local Government Chairmen who were emphatic in their assessment on behalf of the people, said that the two years representation of the people of Aniocha/Oshimili in the 9th National Assembly by Hon. Elumelu, has been characterized by various forms of human capital and infrastructural development which they noted, have gone a long way in uplifting the standard of living of the people as never seen in the history of representative democracy in the Federal Constituency.

In his assessment, the Executive Chairman of Oshimili North, Hon. Innocent Esewezie said, “The representation of me, Innocent Esewezie and the good people of Aniocha/Oshimili is what I will tag as effective representation, highly effective.

“When we assumed office immediately after our swearing in, he took the whole Aniocha/ Oshimili federal constituency to Abuja and he gave us one of the richest source of information on leadership and ever since we came back from Abuja, I noticed something that the relationship between the councilors, between the legislative arm and the Executive became stronger and now enhanced.

“This was only possible because of the quality of information and knowledge that was implanted in us or inculcated in each and every one of us. Aside that, of recent, he came up, after some other forms of empowerment to the people, with what I also called, one of the best, most transparent, most well organized empowerment programme for the people of Aniocha Oshimili.

“So if you talk about quality representation, mention the name of Rt. Hon Ndudi Godwin Elumelu if you talk about empowerment he is also there. How about accessibility, he is very, very accessible and very, very humble.

“This is a man who has been representing us with a human feeling. You call him on phone, he picks your call. How about his leadership at the National Assembly, for us as the people of Oshimili/Aniocha, we are proud to have him as our representative, we are proud to have him at the House of Representatives,” the Council boss said.

Hon. Esewezie continued: “As chairman of Oshimili North, I will say it anytime any day, Rt. Hon. Ndudi Elumelu has done his best for us and we are proud of him. And I know that the people of Aniocha/Oshimili are fully with him, because I listen to them, hear the councilors talk and hear the party officers talk and hear the market women talk, I hear  a lot of persons with quality testimonies of what Hon. Godwin Ndudi Elumelu is doing for our people, so we are proud of him. Like I said before, his leadership at the National Assemble and the representation of our people is what I tagged very effective, highly effective.

“Aside that, how about his influence, Hon. Ndudi Elumelu is one that anything you need from the National Assembly, just a phone call, you get it. How about his life; his Christian life, he is a tool in the hand of God. So for me he has done well and we will keep supporting him, keep praying for him, and keep wishing him well. 

“Our message to him is that he should keep it up, he should keep being himself. A man who has done so well, who is doing so well, you don’t need to advice him to the contrary, all you need to tell such a man is to urge him to continue what he is doing. So for me, he should keep doing what he is doing, just keep being himself, keep being our Godwin Ndudi Elumelu.

 “You know they say one good turn deserves another. If the market women, the streets, the boys, the women, party officers, party leaders are saying that we are proud of you, we like the way you think of our interest, like the kind of quality representation you brought to bear in Aniocha/Oshimili  federal constituency, then it means that we are asking him to continue what he is doing. So the people should keep supporting him.

“Our prayer, we the people of Aniocha/Oshimili is that God will keep him for us and let God keep enlarging his coast so that he will keep representing us and keep giving us quality dividend of democracy. We are very proud of him,” Hon. Innocent Esewezie concluded. 

Also speaking on the representation of the people of Aniocha/Oshimili in the 9th National Assembly for two years, by Hon. Ndudi Elumelu, the Executive Chairman of Oshimili South, Hon. Kelvin Ezenyili said that even though Hon Elumelu has been there before, where he performed credibly well, his representation in the 9th Assembly remains indelible.

“He has done what people who had been there for a long time couldn’t do. He has ensured a lot of collectiveness and bringing the people closer to the federal level.

“Before, it is very difficult for you to see someone representing you in the House of Representatives on a daily basis, but you see the entire event that is happening in the state, he is always there to support us and as well, we must be able to support him anytime he needs our support.

“In his representation of Aniocha/Oshimili, I see him as a front runner in our federal constituency. When I emerged as the executive chairman, alongside the councilors, he invited us to Abuja for a seminal and the seminal has continued to be advantageous to our administration.

“About three weeks ago he funded an empowerment programme and that was one of many, since he commenced his representation of the people in the 9th Assembly of the House of Representatives and from the environment that day, you could see that the people of Aniocha /Oshimili were very happy, joyful, up till this moment, because they have never see or have such an empowerment programme.”

While appreciating him for his quality representation, Hon. Ezenyili urged the Minority Leader    not give up on them as Aniocha /Oshimili people, and assured that, “we as the Aniocha people and Oshimili people in particular will always be there for him to support him in every drive and initiative he is taking to uplift the dividend of development and democracy in Aniocha/Oshimili”

Hon. Kelvin Ezenyili described Hon. Elumelu as “indeed our brother, our friend and illustrious son that we will continue to be proud of and urged the people to continue to give him the needed support and cooperation even now and the years to come for the singular fact that he has the people of Aniocha Oshimili at heart and as a people “we should always have him at heart and continue to pray and cooperate with him” even as he thanked the State Governor, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, for always playing the father figure to the Minority Leader.

Hon. Kevin Okwechime, the Executive Chairman of Aniocha North in his assessment of Rt. Hon. Ndudi Elumelu for this two years in the 9th National Assembly, said that he has performed excellently well ,noting that his representation has been a great source of joy to the entire people of Aniocha/Oshimili Federal Constituency. 

“He has done marvelously well. There is no competition about it. Apart from his numerous bills, motions and overwhelming infrastructural projects with direct impact to the life of the common man, scattered all over the various communities in our federal Constituency which, even the blind could see, our Leader and brother, Rt. Hon. Elumelu has remain an empowerment Master with over seven empowerment programmes to his credit.   Look at the last empowerment he did, we have never had such in the history of representative democracy in our federal constituency.

 “So definitely Rt. Hon. Ndudi Elumelu has done wonderfully well to the satisfaction of the people in the last two years in the 9th  National Assembly and on behalf of the people of Aniocha/Oshimili and Aniocha North in particular, I wish him all the best and he should continue with his goodwill for the people of our federal constituency. He should continue and let him not relent in giving us quality representation,” Hon. Okwechime said.

He therefore called on the people to be calm and lend their support to the Honourable federal law maker, saying that he just did two years and that a great lot is coming ahead for the people.

On his own, the Executive Chairman of Aniocha South Local Government area, Hon. Jude Chukwuwike, described Hon. Ndudi Elumelu as “a pride of the south south , a pride of the PDP, and a pride of Aniocha /Oshimili Federal Constituency, saying that he has continued to make his people proud by his proactive representation.

“He is doing very well and the way he is carrying out his legislative function and oversight, we wouldn’t have asked for more.

“I want to on behalf of the people of our federal Constituency, especially the people of Aniocha South appreciate must sincerely the Rt. Hon. Ndudi Elumelu. I wish him well as he continues the good work that he is doing. We are very proud of him.

“My message to him is that he is the head of the Minority by his position as the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives. He should continue to speak for the voiceless. We know the majority will always have their way, but he should keep doing what he is doing.

“I want to encourage our people to continue to appreciate the good work that he is doing for the obvious fact that he is making us proud. They should be supportive and be patient for the fact that more dividend of democracy will come, more glorious years are ahead for us and we trust that God will continue to use him to do more for the people,” the Aniocha South Council Boss stated.

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