APC Congress: Ijaw APC Leaders Debunk Claims That Emerhor Is Compiling List
Leaders of the All Progressive Congress, APC in Ijaw land, Delta State has debunked claims by some aspirant in the Ward congress billed to hold on May 5th, that the leader of party in Delta, Olorogun O’tega Emerhor is compiling names of executive, describing the allegation as baseless and malicious.
Three APC Ward executive aspirants had accused Emerhor of drawing new Executive list for Ijaws, but in a swift reaction Hon. Ebiakpo Ezebri, State Financial Secretary and Chief Christopher Porbenidescribed the aspirants as mischief makers who decamped to the party in December, 2017 and has been causing crisis
According to a statement signed by Hon. Ebiakpo Ezebri, and Chief Christopher Porbeni they stated; “It will shock you to know that these few persons raising this allegation are actually the one going about compiling names since February, but they turned around to accuse our state party leader, Olorogun O’tega Emerhor of compiling names.
“These people since they came into the party, they refused to recognize the party structure at the ward and LGA level, so as far as we are concerned, they are being sponsored to cause crisis in the party.
“I can assure you that Olorogun Otega Emerhor at no time compiled names in the state; let alone in Ijaw land, these people are sponsored in the party to tarnish the name of our leader.
“We have prominent Ijaw leaders in APC which include,Pastor P Z Aginighan former managing director NDDC, a caucus member of APC Delta State, Mr Felix Dautowei; High Chief A O Seiebi Delta South Secretary; Mr John Akpotudougha, former ANPP State Chairman and NEC Member.
“Others Ijaw APC leaders working with Emerhor to bring peace and unity to the party include; Chief Barr. Pius Akpe,  Chief Oluwole Karetimi; Mr. Emma Oki; Chief Pere Sinclair; Rev. Israel Unutame. Chief Duwo Angalabiri; Mr. Prince Owei chairman APC Burutu. MR. PAUL Azorbor; chairman APC Bomadi; High Chief Mike Johny leader APC  Warri South West; Engr Jude Ebikefe and others.
“Do you think Olorogun Emerhor would bypass all these leaders and start compiling list in Ijaw land? So, their allegation is baseless and malicious with the intent to cause dissatisfaction in the party by bringing our leader in collusion course with Ijaw APC leaders.
They added Olorogun Emerhor is working round the clock with these Ijaw APC leaders and other leaders across the state to build peace and unity and to ensure a rancor free congress by building consensus where necessary, stressing that they are very ready for full blown congress.
“These characters making noise are afraid of going to the congress, they think they could hijack the party structure with their leader in Abuja, but they failed, if they are popular, let them meet us at the congress because our people have started collecting forms.
“Their cheap propaganda is their last move in order to tarnish the image of the party leader in the state, we therefore call on the national and state leaders of our great party to disregard the ranting of these sponsored agents of crisis in APC as they are yet to fully identify with the party even at the ward or LGA levels.
“Ask them when last they attended the party meetings at their ward or LGA, we have been meeting, we even met last week, where were they? They should not be taken seriously, because they move from party to party, not committed to any party.
“I can assure you that those people are being sponsored by one Clement Moni who also came to the party in December here, if they are on ground, they should be ready for congress and not resort to blackmail or propaganda that someone is writing list.
“Our leader, Emerhor and others across the state are busy working round the clock to ensure that we have peaceful free and fair congress, so APC faithful and leaders should disregard them.
“What evidence do they have that we are compiling names or have they been to the national headquarters and they were told that congress is not holding in Delta, that it is list that will be used, these are just trouble makers planted in the party to cause crisis.
“These people are just mischief makers; they are not ready to commit their time and resource to building the party, they have refused to identify fully with the party executives at the ward and LGA, so we are sure that their agenda in the party is to cause crisis.
“We have tried to accommodate them, but it is clear that they have a different agenda, they don’t attend LGA meeting, so how can they get information about the activities of the party?
 “They came into the party with a different agenda, their plan is to cause crisis.
“The Ijaw leaders in APC have their first 11, which we are going to project in the congress to ensure that the executive that will emerge is all embracing, to solidify the unity that Emerhor has been preaching in the party.
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