-Blank NEWS Online (NIGERIA) –By Austen AKHAGBEME:

HE missed death by the whiskers. And by sheer bravery, Flt Lt Abayomi Dairo, the hero fighter jet pilot, soldier on in the bushes of death, trying to save a nation so ravaged by terrorism and banditry.

That he’s alive to tell his story speaks volumes of the God- factor in the affairs of men. Here’s a young man who a few months ago, lost his colleague who was on national assignment to a fatal plane crash, yet was unperturbed to dare the heartless and the hitherto pampered bandits in the bushes of northwest Nigeria.

There must be something unique, beyond professionalism and oath of office, that drives these young men into dangerous but ‘patriotic stunts’, to defend their motherland. And I found this very interesting.

Beyond the rhetoric of professionalism, one wonders if there could be any other compelling force strong enough to make someone wants to take a relatively high risk for our dear Nation, Nigeria.

With the risk of being labelled unpatriotic, I would like to ask if risking one’s personal life or comfort for the sake of a nation that cares less about her teeming youthful population is actually worth the while.

In a nation where old crooks, Godfathers and Grandfathers holds sway, how morally justifiable is it to put one’s youthful and promising life on the line to save a nation misgoverned by pilfering and pillaging elite class?

What story will you have to tell your ancestors? That you joined them, fighting for a country you’re not entitled to become what you want to be unless you know someone who knows someone somewhere who can get it done for you?

Until and unless this anomaly of injustices, hate, ethnocentrism, avarice, greed, disservices, mutual suspicion, violence and superiority complex is truly and thoroughly addressed, it might be pretty difficult for one to be the true Nigerian. And this is an ageless fact.

To the likes of Abayomi Dairo, congratulations on loving your motherland at the risk of your dear lives. And to many others of their ages who are roaming about the streets with no hope and opportunities in sight, may Nigeria smile on you someday.

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