A final and satisfactory closure to the recent case of wife snatching and threat to life allegations levelled against Rt. Hon. Ndudi Elumelu, Member-Elect for Aniocha/Oshimili Federal Constituency, by one Mr. Nnabuife Elue, appears to be on the horizon, as the Elue family has tendered an unreserved apology to the Lawmaker-Elect and pleaded with him for leniency and mercy on behalf of their brother, over the matter.

The personal letter of Apology to Rt. Hon Ndudi Elumelu, signed by Mr. Adimabua .I. Elue, on Behalf of Diokpa B.S.C ELUE (former Deputy Governor of Delta State), For the Elue Family and made available to Press men, had strongly denounced the actions of Nnabuife Elue as frivolous and condemn the defamatory publication in all its entirety, saying that it was not a reflection, mind or opinion of any Elue family member, living or dead.

Describing Rt. Hon. Ndudi Elumelu as an impeccable personality, the letter said the action of Nnabuife Elue was highly regretted by The Elue family, The Obi and indigenes of Obior Kingdom worldwide, even as it added that after proper investigation of issues raised, the offensive article published in, was mischievously sponsored by political enemies who have now failed completely in their devious aspersions and the Elue family collectively boo every allegation as false and petty; intended for nothing other than a bad smear job, against Rt. Hon. Elumelu.

The apology letter, which further lamented that it had been a traumatic week for the elders of Elue family who are still in shock since this slander news broke, wondered about the timing of the attack, especially with the whole state agog in celebratory mood for the inauguration of Governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s second term.

The letter while extolling the virtues of Hon. Elumelu as a well known, worthy Son of Anioma and Ezechima clan who is a beacon of hope to Aniocha/Oshimili Federal Constituency, a man with proven private and political pedigree, as well as a large hearted man of proven integrity who is an asset to country and who cuts across every strata of society, as a beloved gentleman, appealed to him to find it in his heart to forgive his younger brother Nnabuife, who was being used by bad losers in the polity.

It then concludes by pleading with Hon. Elumelu to be rest assured that Nnabuife’s conduct has already received sharp rebuke from the family and he has remorsefully regretted the inconvenience and pain the incident must have caused, even as it has now been established that he was under the negative influence of political spell binders, and while calling on Heaven and Earth to ensure that the surreptitious fabricators will not go unpunished, prayed that the tested aptitude for moral rectitude, which Hon. Ndudi Elumelu is known for, will be highly rewarded in the National Assembly and Internationally.

Reacting to the letter of apology by the Elue family, Rt. Hon. Ndudi Elumelu said he was satisfied with the promptness with which the Elue family had responded to the defamatory allegations of their brother.

Rt. Hon. Elumelu said: “I want to thank the Elue family for quickly responding to this contentious matter the way they have done and I also want to appreciate with humility, His Excellency, Sir BSC Elue, the former Deputy Governor of Delta state, for intervening in the matter.

My family and the Elue family enjoy an age old relationship that has lasted for generations and have a very strong bond in politics too. Nnabuife insulted me and cast aspersions on my personality and reputation with that publication. He failed to take cognisance of our families’ age old relationship and bonding and he was completely out of line, no matter who was beating the drum he was dancing to.

“It was not my intention to go to that length, especially after my DG, Chief Anene Chigbue had written a proper rejoinder to counter the false allegations and set the records straight. But when I started receiving frantic phone calls from political associates and concerned friends and relatives from home and abroad, who had read the story online on and were expressing their worry over such incredulous allegations against my person, as they know very well that i would never do such a thing, I had to take swift action and inform my lawyers to write Nnabuife in order to clear my name and reputation and also sound a strong note of warning to blackmailers and opponents who want to use the likes of Nnabuife to tarnish my name and image.

“I have it on good authority from impeccable sources,that this plot by Nnabuife goes all the way to the PDP Primaries for the Aniocha/Oshimili Federal Constituency ticket. It is not hidden knowledge that a some far reaching dubious efforts were made and pressures were put up by some of my opponents, who contested with me in the primaries, to either deny me of my mandate or cancel my victory completely.But by the grace of God we triumphed and overcame all those obstacles and duly collected our Certificate of Return.

“Power comes from God alone and we give God all the glory for His divine intervention to ensure that Aniocha/Oshimili Federal Constituency got the quality representative it deserves, as I have since I was declared winner, dedicated my victory to the good delegates and people of Aniocha/Oshimili, who voted in the primaries and came out in their numbers to give us victory at the polls.

“This latest attempt to smear my name by using and obviously misleading Nnabuife Elue to publish those allegations in the online portal, have already failed woefully and I have accepted the apology of the Elue Family, as a mark of total respect, loyalty and humility to Alum, His Excellency, Sir BSC Elue. It is alien to our Anioma culture for an elder to apologise to a younger man and the fact that the letter of apology, though written by a young member of the family, had actually mentioned Chief Elue’s name, is sufficient for me to accept the apology. I am satisfied and I hope Nnabuife or any other person for that matter will learn from this episode and not try this kind of blackmail and defamation again.

“I have also instructed my lawyers not to proceed with any further legal action against Nnabuife Elue.

“I equally want to advise my so called opponents to thread with caution henceforth. Elections have come and gone and a winner has emerged. We should all join hands together to work for the collective interest of the people of Aniocha/Oshimili Federal Constituency, instead of trying to pull ourselves down.

“My victory is for the whole constituency, so let us stop cutting our nose to spite our face. Aniocha/Oshimili deserves the best from all of us and I urge all leaders at every level to join me and support His Excellency, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, to continue with the marvelous work he has done so far with the SMART Agenda in our Federal constituency and bring more prosperity to our people and the entire Delta State.

“Let peace reign in Aniocha/Oshimili Federal Constituency,” the lawmaker concluded emphatically.

The letter of unreserved apology by the Elue family, is a direct and prompt response to the stringent conditions slammed on Mr. Nnabuife Elue, by Rt. Hon Elumelu, who had, through his legal representative, A.C Okeibuno, Legal Practitioners, demanded a written apology for the alleged defamation against him and a retraction of the offensive publication, to be published in 6 national Nigerian newspapers and multiple online publications, including, where the defamatory story was originally published, within seven days of the service of the notice, or face a N1billion lawsuit for defamation and damages.

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