DELIVERANCE: Interview with Evang. Stephen Onome Omonefe conducted by Pastor Isaiah Oghenevwegba Ogedegbe

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You are welcome to this interview, great man of God. I can see you are making a mark in the deliverance ministry and so this morning we will be discussing deliverance in ministry. What do you understand by the word deliverance?
Deliverance is setting people free from satanic bondage by the saving power of Jesus Christ. We have two spirits controlling human lives and they are the Spirit of God and that of Satan. We also have two worlds and they are the spiritual world and the physical world, but I will deliberate on the spiritual world. In the spiritual world, we have four hierarchies of demons influencing human lives as it says in Ephesians 6:12.

How do the demons influence human lives?
Demons influence human lives by living inside people and causing problems in their lives like joblessness, barrenness, marital failure, business collapse, financial hardship, frustration and disappointment. No problem is an ordinary one. There are many powers behind the scenes. There is a particular demon assigned to every unpleasant situation that people find themselves in life.

How do demons get people?
It is by the sins that people commit. Their sins give the demons access to them to operate in them. There are those who were sold to idols through ancestral covenants and the demons behind those idols may continue to dwell in them unless they are delivered. The duty of the demons is to distract them from serving the living God and from having a knowledge of the truth.

Why do people fall during deliverance?
They fall during deliverance because the demons in them cannot withstand the power of God. When the greater power shows up the lesser power bows and when light comes darkness goes. There are stubborn demons that need violence for them to go out. When the demons want to challenge the power of God, they are exorcized by fire and by force. That is why you see people falling during deliverance. That is divine falling. It is, therefore, not surprising to me that they do not feel any pain or sustain any injury because of the fall.

Apart from falling, why are there other manifestations like screaming, scattering of the hair, turning around and rolling on the floor?
The reason is that the demons are reacting to the power of God. When they are reacting, you see strange physical manifestations such as these things you have mentioned. It tells you the kind of evil spirit that is living in them. For instance, if you see someone barking like a dog during deliverance, you do not need a prophet to tell you that the person has a dog spirit.

Why do the demons come back after demon-possessed people have been delivered?
It is because many of them return to their former ways after they have been set free. Like I said, their sins give the demons access to them. The evil spirits that left them during deliverance use their sins as an opportunity to come back and the last state of such people is worse than the first state as it says in Matthew 12:43-45.

What must people do to be permanently free from demon possession?
Thank you for that question. First of all, they must give their lives to Christ fully and go for deliverance. The demon-possessed people must be willing to be delivered before deliverance can happen. Otherwise, the deliverance minister is just wasting his time. It takes a longer time and more effort for deliverance to happen if the demon-possessed people are not willing to be delivered. Secondly, they must maintain a holy life after being delivered and be committed to the things of God so that the demons will not have access to them again.

Is it every minister that should conduct deliverance?
A minister who does not have the power of deliverance in him should not conduct deliverance at all. If he tries it without having the power, he may endanger himself especially if he is living in sin. If he cannot deliver them, he may become demonized himself. So when a minister who is not called into the deliverance ministry imitates others and conducts deliverance, he is only subjecting himself to a lot of spiritual attacks and inviting problems to his life.

How do we know when people fall under the anointing or under the power of deliverance?
People who fall under the anointing will manifest the gifts of the Holy Ghost like speaking in tongues, while others who fall under the power of deliverance will also manifest but with strange physical behaviours like you mentioned earlier.

What is your advice to Christians and the general public?
Deliverance is a spiritual necessity for everyone and so go for it. Thank you very much.

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  1. Stephen Onome Omonefe is a Christian minister in Nigeria. In the ministry, he worked with Pastor Paul Egogo of Christ Apostolic Church at Udu Road in Warri. He is the evangelist in charge of Christ Apostolic Church (Royal Court of Grace) Ijala. According to a report by Pastor Isaiah Ogedegbe in Warri Times, Stephen Onome Omonefe married Ovigue Kedo in a traditional marriage that held on Thursday, May 19, 2016. It took place at Beji’s Court in Ugborikoko area of Warri in Delta State. It was between the families of Late Mr. Omonefe Stanley Obiunukefe of Mosogar Town in Ethiope West Local Government Area and Late Dr. Jacob Kedo of Imode Town in Ughelli South Local Government Area both of Delta State. Only a few select friends attended the traditional marriage. There were two dance presentations by some boys. Source:

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