ECONOMIC RECESSION: Interview with Evang. Stephen Onome Omonefe conducted by Pastor Isaiah Oghenevwegba Ogedegbe

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Stephen Onome Omonefe is a Christian minister in Nigeria.
Stephen Onome Omonefe is a Christian minister in Nigeria.


In the ministry, he worked with Pastor Paul Egogo of Christ Apostolic Church at Udu Road in Warri. He is the evangelist in charge of Christ Apostolic Church (Royal Court of Grace) Ijala.


According to a report by Pastor Isaiah Ogedegbe in Warri Times, Stephen Onome Omonefe married Ovigue Kedo in a traditional marriage that held on Thursday, May 19, 2016. It took place at Beji’s Court in Ugborikoko area of Warri in Delta State. It was between the families of Late Mr. Omonefe Stanley Obiunukefe of Mosogar Town in Ethiope West Local Government Area and Late Dr. Jacob Kedo of Imode Town in Ughelli South Local Government Area both of Delta State.

Only a few select friends attended the traditional marriage. There were two dance presentations by some boys.

Stephen Onome Omonefe attended Igbudu Primary School and then Dore Numa College, but he left in 2008 to complete one year of secondary education at Royal College.

He had the call of God in early life, but answered after he saw Jesus in a divine revelation in which he was shown hell and about to be cast into it. God intervened and gave him a second chance to return to the world and to tell people that Christ is coming very soon and that rapture is imminent.


Can we meet you?
I am Evangelist Stephen Onome Omonefe from Christ Apostolic Church (Royal Court of Grace) behind Warri Refinery Jetty, Ijala, Delta State. I am a native of Mosogar in Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria. I am married to Lady Evangelist (Mrs.) Ovigue Destiny Omonefe.

Can you tell us more about your background?
Actually, I was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Omonefe Obiunukefe in Delta Steel Company clinic many years ago. I am the fourth out of eight children, six boys and two girls. I attended Igbudu Primary School in Warri and also Dore Numa College in Warri, before moving to the theological seminary where I answered God’s call. Before now, a man of God prophesied that I was going to die for not answering the call of God. It happened one night when I was sleeping. I joined a queue of people waiting to be judged by Jesus as it says in Hebrews 9:27. When it was my turn, the Lord did not bother to check the Book of Life for my name but asked, “Did you do the work for which I sent you to the world? I sent you to the world to do My work, but you proved to be very stubborn.” Then He ordered two angels with muscular bodies to cast me into hell. Feeling afraid of going to hell, I not only begged but also cried for mercy. Jesus turned His back on me and ordered them again and they held me by both arms, took me away from His presence and raised me up over a pit of fire. I saw countless souls in the pit and heard their agonized cries. As they were about to let go of me, the Almighty God Himself asked them to stop with a shout and immediately they released me. Then God said, “You thought the world has ended. You are dead now. I would have cast you into hell if not for the love I have for you. I will give you a second chance. Hurry back and do the work I sent you before the world comes to an end. Very soon, very soon the world will come to an end.” I want to tell you Christ is coming very soon and rapture will take place not too far from now.

How do you see the issue of economic recession in Nigeria?
I see it as a warning from God so that our people can turn to Him again.

What do you think we need to do spiritually for it to come to an end?
We need more of God in our lives and in the lives of our leaders. We also need the fear of God which will create no room for corruption within us.

In a bid to survive, some youths have resorted to crime. What should they do instead?
All Nigerian youths need to be hardworking. The time has come for all Nigerian youths to remove their hands from crime and be diligent in business.

How do you also see the issue of cohabitation that is common in our society?
The bride price paid on a woman signifies many things. In fact, the dignity of every married woman is the bride price paid on her. The reasons why some people in our society are into cohabitation are financial constraint, joblessness and spiritual problem. Cohabitation is a sin against God which should be discouraged.

What is your advice to our youths?
They should abstain from sexual immorality. There is a time for everything. They should prepare for their future which will bring about a glorious success.

*Source: Warri Times

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