Forbes, BusyInternet Launch Forbes8 To Inspire Ghana’s Burgeoning Entrepreneurial Community

ACCRA, Ghana–Forbes and BusyInternet today announced the availability of Forbes8, a digital network that features more than 2,000 videos designed to inspire every aspect of an entrepreneur’s journey.
BusyInternet has for the past 18 years built a strong heritage of empowering its customers and supporting businesses – particularly small-and medium-sized businesses – to grow and fully optimize their potentials. Forbes8’s strategic partnership with BusyInternet will help drive focus in further detail and add new dimensions.
Forbes8 offers information, tips, advice and tools to help entrepreneurs get their start and accelerate their growth. Leveraging Forbes’ editorial expertise in championing entrepreneurial capitalism, Forbes8 features video spotlighting the best minds in business – all categorized into four distinct themes: Inspire, Launch, Grow and Impact. Intelligent machine-learning/artificial intelligence capabilities deliver a personalized experience at scale, creating custom playlists based on an individual’s on-boarding needs and preferences.
“Entrepreneurialism is as much a mind-set as it is a type of business,” said Thomas Brien-Mensah, Head of Marketing at BusyInternet. “While there are important local nuances, there are so many global commonalities business owners face, and Forbes8 helps bridge the gap and partner with entrepreneurs every step of the way. We’re excited to support Ghanaian entrepreneurs with this new service.”
“Forbes consistently champions those who have made it and those who aspire to make it, and our content will resonate with the burgeoning community of entrepreneurs across Ghana,” said Forbes Chief Growth Officer Tom Davis. “Ghana’s growing community of entrepreneurs, with the help of the government’s National Entrepreneurial and Innovation Plan (NEIP), means there is a tremendous need for a business-advice on-demand network. Forbes8 fills that void while also providing a sense of community with others on the same journey.”
Forbes8 is a global partnership between Forbes and AW3 Media, whose founder, Amos Winbush III, is a noted serial entrepreneur and visionary having built several technology platforms that culminated in building dozens of partnerships with telecom companies on a global scale. Most importantly, he is leveraging his expertise and knowledge as a successful entrepreneur to create experiences, services and products like Forbes8 to help people achieve their personal and professional dreams.
“BusyInternet is the right strategic partner for the launch of Forbes8 because it shares in our mission of helping promote entrepreneurial growth and access to opportunities across the region,” Winbush said. “Forbes8 features perspectives from the best minds in business across Ghana and the world that are applicable to every aspect of an entrepreneur, business leader or small business owner’s journey. I’ve created several multi-national companies over the last ten years and from my experience innovating can be a lonely, scary, isolating yet exciting and fulfilling journey. And for this reason, we built Forbes8 to help support, equip and resource innovators and the players around them. It’s truly inspirational and invaluable.”
*Source: AETOSWire

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