How PDP Govt Failed In S’South, Delta – Alaowei Biukeme *Lambasts President Jonathan, Gov. Uduaghan On Projects Delivery
Nigeria's President Jonathan (Right) & Delta Governor Uduaghan (Left)
Nigeria’s President Jonathan (Right) & Delta Governor Uduaghan (Left)
Alaowei Afro Biukeme
Alaowei Afro Biukeme

FORMER Governorship candidate of Mega Peoples Progressives Party (MPPP), Alaowei Afro Biukeme has vented his anger on President Goodluck Jonathan and Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta State, saying they have failed the people.

Speaking to newsmen in Warri, Delta State, the former governorship candidate said that Nigerians and Deltans are not enjoying the dividends of democracy, allegedly that the people were getting poorer and poorer by the day.

In his words; “President Jonathan is a total failure as far I am concerned. South South has nothing to show for it that the President is from the region. Nothing is working in the Niger Delta region. Apapa Seaport in Lagos State is congested while seaports in Delta State are not working. The President is only busy taking care of the militants but this time around we are going to fight the fight in a non-violent manner. We are praying for United Nations (UN) to intervene.”

He added thus “I will not want President Jonathan to contest in 2015 because the man is a total failure. Look at his administration today. Nothing is working in South South. The people of the Coastal area have been deprived of the good things of life. If we cannot meet our agitation by now, we will still remain like this come 2015. So for me, I want somebody who has my coastal area at heart to come and run for the Presidency in 2015. Jonathan does not deserve it and this is why I am saying that there is no need to vote for President Jonathan in 2015.”

“I am angry with President Jonathan; it will be a shame to say that we do not have development after six (6) years in Aso Rock. If he is a true South South, there would have been much more development in the region and there will be no crisis in Rivers State,” he added.

Biukeme also hit Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan, describing him as a failure; saying he failed to build on the solid foundation laid by former Governor James Ibori.

According to him, he did not deserve the Governor of the year awarded him by most of the major national dailies.

Alaowei Biukeme said “It is a shame that Governor Uduaghan is describing Enerhen Junction as a Star project of his administration for six years. Enerhen Junction is less than N800 Million and yet the Governor is describing as a Star project, this is a big shame. The Governor has failed in all areas and we will be happy to celebrate his exit from office next year as he has not added value to the life of the average Deltan on the street.”

“Uduaghan has failed Deltans because if you look at the Industrial Park, it is getting to Six years and there is nothing to show for it. The drainages are not working. In Warri for example, except from the street lights that they are making a lot of money from in diesel, there is nothing in Warri,” he said.

According to him, “The Uduaghan government has failed in so many areas. Even the Ibori projects, he has not been able to complete them. Does this mean that Delta State is broke or nothing is coming in as revenue? Other states publish their allocations regularly. But in Delta State, it is not like that. They keep hiding the sharing formula. The PDP government has failed in Delta state.”

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  1. Ngozi Chima: Biukeme, is a learner. He is simply calling attention to himself and he alone knows why. If he chooses not to see what Uduaghan is doing in Delta State that is his own cup of tea. But let him take a stroll around the state and he will be amazed at the transformation that is ongoing. However, if he was the Governor of Delta State what would he have done differently?
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