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Team PPA, the umbrella body of Hon Evang Princess Ajudua, Ph.D, supporters, has read the malicious story making rounds on the net about a puported media aide to Hon Ajudua being sacked because he/she published the pictures of dilapidated building in Ibusa Girls Grammar school.

Out of curiosity, the team became a little bit agitated on why such should action attract a stringent punishment but to our chagrin, that report was as hoax and malicious as it’s simply vacuous.

Our principal Hon Ajudua, is a consummate politician, and a strong believer in rule of law and freedom of speech and expression thus will never smother or suppress any desenting view on any issue. As a law maker with more than twelves years experience, she understands the repercussions. She also being a fanatical Ibusa elite will always see any view to bring development to Ibusa in particular and Oshimili North in general as pluses to the enormous developmental projects she has done in both personal and official capacities.

She has been a source of succour to almost all schools in Oshimili North which Ibusa is not an exception. Currently, Ibusa Girls Grammar school infrastructural needs are receiving positive touches through her office. Therefore what worried her was the sole aim the so- called publication intended to achieve. She is aware that a lot of scammers have approached uninformed Ibusa elites especially those in diaspora for certain developments which usually ends in private pockets. She hopes this is not one of them.

Finally she confirmed that she has no official aide for the moment. She does not disengage aides. As the tenure ended, the House of Assembly disengaged all aides attached to law makers. As the new tenure resumed new aides have not been appointed as such she has no media aide or any other aide at that, hence it becomes highly undignified for anyone to claim being sacked for a publication. She posited that should such a person exist, he or she should come out and speak.

In conclusion, she is of the belief that journalism and governance should be partners in progress and as such welcomes constructive criticisms to issues and not witch hunting.

Dr. Olisemeka Isiekwe

For: Team PPA.

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