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The tragedy of our time is the continuous repetition of history by the so called book makers.

Ordinarily one won’t even veer into sordid matters as less time and attention should be thrown at inconsequential issues but history and posterity will not judge us right if we fail to once again point out salient reasons why the most entrepreneurial people, the largest in population in Africa, the African tribe that is most widespread across the globe has boxed itself below regional enclave.

Trending at the moment is the alleged embarrassment, in fact humiliation of one of today’s defender of the Igbo race in Nigeria’s history Sen Ike Ekweremadu.
For them that do not know, Sen Ike Ekweremadu represents Enugu West Senatorial district. He is the immediate past Deputy Senate President. Sen Ekweremadu is one of the finest and most refined senators in the 6th,7th and 8th Senate. He is a very senior ranking member of the red chambers, in fact one of the oldest senators onboard the National Assembly.

A pan-Igbo machinery, Sen Ekweremadu has always stood for Nigerians particularly his Igbo jurisdiction to the admiration of the opposition. These are incontrovertible facts. Sen Ekweremadu demonstrated more during the Operation Python Dance meted out on the Igbo nation in the guise of pushing back Igbo Biafran separatists. He rallied round South East governors to speak out and act against extra judicial killings going on within the country particularly in the South East and ensured that Nnamdi kalu the leader of Biafran separatist was released.

Ekweremadu no doubt is a believer of Igbo emancipation but with a realistic and human approach to issues.

Beyond party lines Sen Ekweremadu has paid his dues as a Nationalist in all ramifications. Asides law making, he has presided meritoriously over the National assembly. Hounding an Ekweremadu reflects the fact that IPOB does not have an understanding of the real issues.

His manhandling in far away Nuremberg Germany by IPOB separatists is to say the least, a concentrated act of cowardice and is grossly despicable.

The above takes us to the mindset of the proponents of Biafra. No doubt they have a very myopic understanding of Nationhood and uncanny sense of history.

They lack the proper understanding of governance and unfortunately trail in wanton arrogance. Their inability to even identify their challenges is most unfortunate. Their lack of material understanding of modern rules of engagements and destroying their best amidst a nation with drought of leadership is most elementary.

In an article I did and published through gamji.com in 2005 I pointed out key Igbo political pitfalls which include pulling down their best. No doubt the Igbos are tagged group B society and very republican. However being a republican does not foreclose identifying credible leadership. Nigeria is going through a horrendous situation arising from a gruesome foundation with the amalgamation of southern and northern protectorate in 1914 and a weird cum weak independence affirmation on a wrong pedestal by the British which the military boys of the 60s through the 70s and 80s took advantage of and reduced Nigeria to shreds of corruption, nepotism, barn of insecurity and nearing a failed state.

For God’s sake Sen Ekweremadu is a lawmaker. His duties are lawmaking, oversight and representation. This he has done excellently well and beyond. As leader of ECOWAS parliament Sen Ekweremadu demonstrated leadership and capacity.

The best and worst of our political class has a sense of belonging within his or her enclave. The Buhari’s, El rufai’s, the Oshiomhole’s, Tinubu’s, the Lai Mohammed’s and more of our time still have a place to lay their hat amongst theirs so why must Ohaneze always dance naked in public? This brings us to the South South mentality question. A Nation which thrives on conquering her best, places so much premium on money and lacks value for proper dialogue cannot go too far in modern parlance and that is why the South South can never ever go with the Biafran theory, never!

When a few rascals sit down, carve out an entity, name it Biafra, adopt a National language, religion, capital etc without recourse to the entities that make up the larger territory, is at best described as territorial terrorism and that is how the South South region see IPOB and the failed Biafran struggle. How would they have shaved the hairs of Urhobo, Ijaw, Efik, Ibibio,Isoko, Istekiri, Anioma, Idoma,Igala, Edo and more in their absence?

The whole world is watching as IPOB has resorted to pulling down its best, disgracing its finest to the admiration of Hausa Fulani hegemony. The harassment and disgraceful conduct of IPOB in Germany is one mis-step too many.

IPOB should immediately apologise to Sen Ekweremadu and seek retribution by going back to the drawing board to set it’s priorities right.

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