Labour Party will produce next governor in Delta, come 2027 – EZEAGWU …Says the tsunami is not over yet …as many governorship aspirants already warming up

-By Austin Ogwuda:

FORMER Delta State Chairman of the Labour Party (LP) now National Vice Chairman South South, Chief Tony Ezeagwu says that the general acceptance of the party by the teeming masses, otherwise known as the ‘Obedient Movement’ will spring a surprise in the nearest future in Delta State.
Ezeagwu, in an exclusive interview with our reporter in Asaba, lamented that although some ‘obedient’ followers developed cold feet after been disappointed that the presidential election results were not uploaded real time, but have rekindled that strong will for the party.

“Already, as we speak go round the State you will not pass three vehicles without seeing one either having Labour Party flag or Labour Party sticker.
Check the commercial motorcycle operators otherwise known as keke you will see them they are still carrying Labour Party posters and stickers on their body.
“That will certainly show you that Labour is still much alive.
Now, let me shock you. Do you know that as at today even when the in coming governor has not been sworn in, we already have gubernatorial aspirants waiting in the wings for the next election in four years time – 2027.
“That is to show you how popular and accepted we are as the only party that can bring the needed genuine change for this country to liberate the suffering masses”.
Asked how many have indicated their interest to run for the governorship in Delta he mentioned and if the incoming PDP governor wouldn’t be allowed to do eight years before the jostling?

Ezeagwu cuts in immediately
“Do how many terms you ask…. we are not even sure that he (Sheriff) will do this term or complete it.
“You know we are in tribunal pursuing the case to retrieve our mandate. We have left it in hands of the tribunal to adjudicate for justice. Let me leave it at that since we are in the tribunal. Let the tribunal decide”, he stated.
On the issue of possibility of some elected members of the State Houses of Assembly and National Assembly under the Labour Party decamping in future to another party due to pressure or pecuniary considerations, the Labour Party, South South National Vice Chairman, Ezeagwu responds:
“No, no, no! Not at all!
Yes such can happen in other political parties but not in Labour.
Decamp to where? They will not jump ship. They (elected members) won’t because they believe in the philosophy of the movement.
“Labour Party”, he went on “is the party to beat today in this country. Instead, people from other parties might begin to leave theirs to join us.
“Nigerians have spoken loud and clear during the last election uprooting the so called structures, beating sitting governors hands down, displacing the so-called political big masquerades in their own polling units mercilessly. The statement is loud and clear for everyone to know that we are in a new political era
“So my dear journalist don’t contemplate that……
Reporter cuts in
Sir, peradventure it happens what, will your party do to bring party discipline to bear.?
I repeat they will not decamp. to where? Why they will remain in Labour Party is simple. Most of them across the country never even thought they will win the election. Some didn’t even campaign, some stayed in their houses and the results came.
“The people spoke with their votes saying enough is enough we want Labour.
“We won all over convincingly throughout the country. When some people are going to the tribunal I laugh because I ask myself why are they wasting time at the tribunal.
“We earned our victory handed to us by the voting masses. We didn’t rig the election we don’t know how to rig.
“You heard about okada, keke people winning.
Labour was the accepted party and the people spoke with the ballot so how can such a person who won election under the party’s canopy on a platter of gold ever think of changing camp “, added.
On the intra party wranglings over chairmanship, Ezeagwu told our reporter that the end was in sight.
According to him, “there is no cause for alarm Labour Party has been blessed and ordained by God and that is why you see the fifth columnist at play, opposition party sponsoring Apapa.
“That matter is being handled already you are aware that these dissidents have been suspended.
Only one State Chairman
that is with them. I think that is Bauchi, the other 35 States including Abuja are still in Labour Party mainstream”, he added.

(concluding part of the exclusive interview with Austin Ogwuda.)

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