Each poster prominently features one character in addition to showcasing a few others, and they’re all themed around the color scheme of one of the Infinity Stones, which are central to Infinity War‘s conflict with Thanos. The posters don’t reveal new information, but they do provide a look at many–but not all–of the cast members and how their characters look going into Infinity War. And in case you’re holding out hope, no, there’s no Ant-Man or Hawkeye to be seen here, either.T

he green Time Stone poster most prominently features Black Widow, though you’ll also see The Incredible Hulk, Black Panther, and Okoye. Iron Man features on the red Reality Stone poster along with Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and Wong. The blue Space Stone one shows Captain America most prominently (along with his buddy, the Winter Soldier), Shuri, Nebula, and Mantis. The purple Power Stone poster shows Thor and his eyepatch along with the Guardians of the Galaxy. And finally, the yellow Mind Stone poster is headlined by Scarlet Witch, Vision, War Machine, and Falcon.

It only further highlights just how vast this cast is that characters are still missing from these posters. (There are a ton of possibilities for who will kill Thanos.) Infinity War‘s most recent trailer packed in a ton of stuff, as you can see in our breakdown. The movie itself will, unsurprisingly, be Marvel’s longest yet.

You’ll notice that one of the six Infinity Stones–the Soul Stone–is not represented by one of these posters. We recently recapped where each of the Stones is, but the Soul Stone’s location remains one of the mysteries that will likely be revealed in Infinity War when it releases on April 27.