Nigerian Diplomats In Gabon Accused Of Negligence **As Nigerian Corpses Lay Decaying In Morgues
President Goodluck Jonathan
President Goodluck Jonathan

Blank NEWS Online can reveals that the Nigerian embassy in Gabon, under JOSEPH EZEMA, Nigeria’s envoy to Gabon, has continually turned deaf ear to recent  predominant challenges being faced by Nigerians in that country.

It has also been disclosed that Nigerian diplomats accredited to the Embassy of Nigeria in Gabon have transformed the Mission into a symbolic horror for Nigerians, as they have become tyrants, using violence and humiliation as their daily agenda for Nigerians, instead of enhancing the country’s foreign policy objectives and the welfare of Nigerians among others.

There are also proof that several corpses of Nigerian who allegedly died through brutal circumstances in Gabon lay decaying in the morgues without the Embassy’s signs of concerns but are quick to arrest Nigerians who rise up in protest against their negligence and lack of diplomatic capability.

Recently, the Yoruba community staged a demonstration at the Mission’s gate, following the death of one of their compartriots, Mr Adeoye Adepegba, whom according to sources met his tragic death when his Gabonese friend invited him to a ceremony.

“The more pathetic is that when his body was discovered, his eyes, his lung had been cut off by his killers. Immediately, this tragic event was reported to the embassy of Nigeria. Accordingly, official letter and pictures were furnished to the embassy but the embassy did not make any attempt of concern.

“After one week of their report and soliciting  which yielded no result, the people have to demonstrate their sadness to the whole world to see. On the other hand, the embassy has to call the gendarme to stop the people, but when the gendarme got to understand the situation, they also appeased the Ambassador and his deputy to speak to the people.

“It is regrettable that diplomats accredited to Gabon do not care about the welfare of Nigerians who suffer daily from French police embarrassment. The embassy even use the police to molest Nigerians that they are sent to protect. This is the daily experience of Nigerians in Gabon.”

Another Nigerian resident who preferred anonymity, disclosed to Blank NEWS Online that “As Nigerians, we expect these diplomats to enhance our foreign policy objectives and the welfare of Nigerians among others, but unfortunately these diplomats have become tyrants, using violence and humiliation as their daily agenda for Nigerians.

“With our daily experience in Gabon, Nigerians are being deprived of the right to consider themselves worthy of responsibility for their own lives and dignity. This feeling of humiliation grows day by day as our reason and human status were being deeply insulted everyday to accept all the vulgarity which makes up the abortive mental world of these diplomats.

“Moreover, they keep on witch-hunting people suspected to be capable of disseminating information about their Machiavellian and corrupt practices to put the Nigerian community on hypothetical suspense.

“Today, four Nigerian corpses, MONDAY MASSADE, AKPANEYO DAVID UMO, EKONG SUNDAY and ADEBISI ADEOYE ADEPEGBA who died of brutal circumstances in Gabon lay decaying in the morgues without the Embassy signs of concerns. The most embarrassing and heartlessness demonstration of these diplomats is the case of ADEBISI ADEOYE ADEPEGBA. These diplomats in their abhorrent attitudes even invited the Gabonese gendarmes as usual to arrest the Nigerians in protest against their negligence and lack of diplomatic capability. The late ADESIBI ADEOYE ADEPEGBA’s story is very pathetic and indeed it shows wicked and heartlessness of our diplomats.

According to Blank NEWS Online findings, on Sunday, April 14, 2013 at about 1.30pm ADEPEGBA, a taxi driver was invited as extra driver to a ceremony. At 7.00pm the family received a call from one Mr Dolo, who informed them of his disappearance from the party venue. The mystery of the disappearance became confusing when the family called his phone number again at 8.00pm and the correspondence was the same Dolo who had earlier announced him missing. After all night searching with no avails, his body was finally discovered on Monday morning floating in water close to the lieu of the ceremony with his eyes and the lung cut off (see picture).

“The Ambassador was informed of the incident on Tuesday at 12.12pm. He directed the people to contact his deputy Mr WILFRED OBIMAH and this was done immediately. Mr OBIMAH requested for an official written report that was provided accordingly (see copy). With all these, the embassy turns deaf ears to their predicaments despite the people frequent approaches for diplomatic intervention.

“After a week of betrayal and disappointment from the embassy, there came a non-violence protest on Monday, 22nd of April 2013 at the embassy’s gate (see picture). Mr WILFRED OBIMAH, of his evil characterization invited the gendarmes to arrest the people. The gendarmes who got to know the facts of the story also became disappointed and urged him to meet the people.

“Finally, when the egomaniac came out amidst the gendarmes (see picture), his statements were so ridiculous of humanitarian instincts, despite the horrific pictures and the circumstances of ADEPEGBA’s death related to these diplomats, Mr OBIMAH admitted that the embassy did not consider any complain because the information came through a Kwara man while the deceased is supposed to be a Lagosian, they could only have acknowledged complaints from a Lagosian. To this he received a yell from the crowd. Again, according to Mr OBIMAH the embassy has refused to interfere in the matter because the letter written to the Mission was wrongly authored. Again another yell, then requested a new letter in plain sheet.

“To cover up his wickedness and shameful reactions, Mr OBIMAH called on one Mr Sunday Lucky from Delta State at about 2.00pm the same day to inform him that the Yoruba people have come to dump a corpse at the embassy’s gate. He did this for Mr Lucky’s reinforcement of Delta people against the Yorubas, only for Lucky to discover that Mr OBIMAH is a fanatic liar.

The Nigerian complainants resident in Gabon have however called on President Goodluck Jonathan to step up action that could put an end to the negligent attitude of the Nigerian diplomats in Gabon.

Your Excellency, the others MONDAY MASSADE died of electrocution in police custody, every effort to get the embassy involvement to seek justice proved abortive. AKPANEYO DAVID UMO, and EKONG SUNDAY, died in their sick beds when the families failed to secure financial aid of 180,000fr and 220,000fr respectively from the embassy. These compatriots lost their lives for the sums equivalents of 55,000 and 66,000 naira only because of the wickedness of these diplomats. Their corpses lay decaying in Gabon morgues till date. These diplomats feel rapture when they shut themselves away from Nigerians in their depressing vast offices, except when there are possibilities to create financial benefice to themselves.

“These diplomats do not have time for Nigerians apart from their daily concentrations on consular cards, issuance of birth certificates which yield them hundreds of thousands of francs. They also keep on witch-hunting people who can expose them for humiliation, making freedom of information a crime in Gabon. Reporting exigent issues never have suits and writing to the foreign office becomes another laudable crime to their conscience. To these diplomats the Nigerians in Gabon are illiterates and be treated as the uncultured.

“We believe the only power of ordinary citizens is through the voice of the media. This will make the federal government and Nigerians know of the predicaments Nigerians pass by daily, and the diplomats’ negligence and unconcerned attitudes. Foreign Minister should know this. Nigerians are dying.”

Information has it that the former Nigeria’s Ambassador to Gabon, Mr. Samuel Aiyedoma was recalled back after his incapable service.

Meanwhile, as at press time, the present Ambassador, JOSEPH EZEMA and his deputy have left the country (Gabon) to avoid being disturbed. The Mision is left with only clerks who can do nothing to help the situation on ground.

Recall that Nigerians in Gabon had caused a stir in August 2010, during the President’s visit to Libreville, the Gabonese capital, to attend the  country’s 50th independence anniversary, which brought socio-economic activities in Gabon to a halt when Nigerians resident in the central African nation took over the Presidential Wing of the Leon Mba International Airport in the city to receive their president.

Nigeria has over 150, 000 of its citizens, which is about one-tenth of Gabonese 1.7m population, living in that country. They are mostly Igbo, Urhobo, Ilaje and Ijaw traders who dominate Gabonese commerce and its fishing industry.

gabon mapPublisher’s Right: Gory pictures of corpses and series of protests could not be displayed for ethics’ sake.

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.~. __ :aa•• ,.,.s.7877
Embassy of Nigeria
Boulevard Leon MBA
Libreville, GABON
Tuesday, Apri/16, 2013
Your Excellency,
‘wish to inform you about a recent development within the Nigerian
community on the 14 of April 2013 (Sunday) a Nigerian known as Mister
ADEBISIAdeoye Adepegba left his house at beausejour through the invitation
of his friend known as Dolo a gabonese to go for a beach strow I.
The most surprising thing was that that around 17hours (7pm) his friend
Dolo phoned a brother of Adebisi Adeoye that he couldn’t see him again. This
coused a broad searching for his where about in all police stations and
gendarmeries no solution. We went to the said beach the same day we
couldn’t see him. The next day during our unrest finding we discovered his
body on top of water which we inform the police and they came and took the
necessary information. Your Excellency, these are the pictures of the body of
Mister Adeoye Adebisi. We seek for your implication in order for justice to
Thanks for your cooperations.

The current Ambassador of Nigerian Embassy in Gabon is called JOSEPH EZEMA.
Samuel Aiyedoma is no longer here, he has been called back after his incapable service.
At the moment, the Ambassador and his deputy have left the country to avoid being disturbed. The Mision is left with only clerks who can do nothing to help the situation on ground.
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