–By Norbert Chiazor:

-Comrade Norbert Chiazor


There is something about the university. It is not just a school. It is prestige. Home of honorary self worth .Exact definition of development for both human and his habitat.

University . “TO RESTORE THE DIGNITY OF MAN” University of Nigeria Nsukka best captures the essence. What a motto !

This not the same thing as Chioma’s Porsche from love – struck Davido . University is the motor of progress.

This explains why the university is the evergreen legacy of leaders – great leaders. Home here in old Bendel, UNIBEN stands as Samuel Ogbemudia ‘s best feat of immortality. What remained of Governor Ambros Alli without AAU, Ekpoma ?

Nnamdi Azikiwe lives in our hearts through UNN. Ahmadu Bello reigns in ABU ,Zaria .In Ife, Obafemi Awolowo looms large from the gates of OAU .

Long after these enigmas departed ,the universities they planted have been watering the lives of millions of Nigerians .

Enamoured with the idea of a university, PRINCE NED NWOKO is on the threshold of history. His stead, Idumuje- Ugboko , a rural enclave in Delta state is dressing up to host a University .

The princely gift, STARS UNIVERSITY is the first sports university in Sub Saharan Africa !

Governor Ifeanyi Okowa, a proud university product at 22 played smart the other day.

While at Warri town hall meeting , he ensured handsome government presence at the grand breaking ceremony of Nwoko ‘ STARS UNIVERSITY, at Idumuje- Ugboko with the youthful commissioner for higher education,Jude Sinebe standing on the front row of history.

The building block of a brand new future for human excellence has been laid. A new dawn beckons.

This university, designed to offer conventional courses beyond sports will place Delta North , Delta state and Nigeria on a global canvas .

This diminishes to a non issue a puerile argument by tiny traducers in town that the university would draw funding from Islamic nations / institutions.

Public officers and private citizens , all manners of Nigerians – christians ,muslims and pagans all go to enjoy themselves in Dubai , an Islamic nation.

Much more than any other country, gold from Islamic Saudi Arabia adorn the necks of Nigerians daily even at Sunday services.

Today almost everyone in Nigeria eats Aliko Dangote’s salt, noodles and sugar ,a man who honed his business tricks from Al- Azhar Islamic university in Cairo Egypt.

Majority of Rice Nigerians consume especially at Christmas , pass through the hands of Buddhist worshippers in Thailand and Hindu china .

The top 5 clubs in Europe- PSG, Manchester city, Everton , Malaga and Hull city which keep millions of Nigerians happy as soccer buffs are owned by Arabian billionaires who are predominantly Muslim.

Nebuchadnezzar was a vicious Christian who troubled the heart of God until he was cursed to beastly doom, just as Abraham was a beloved Christian, apple of divine eyes.

Mohammed was a compassionate prophet but Adolf Hitler was terrible in his Islamic persuasion.

Sani Abacha came from Kano, same place with Aminu Kano . Cobra and dove . Spot the difference.


2013. Europe – bound to Paris ,France via Charles de Gaulle Airport,I had the humble privilege of a 6 – hour retreat in Doha, Qatar . An Islamic city. My eyes beheld wondrous beauty that reminded me about heaven as dramatized
in christian dogma.

Religions are not evil . Tribes are not evil. Individuals are .Read Fredrick Forsythe thriller – Odessa File. 1972.

I cannot hazard a guess over the size of Ned Nwoko ‘s bank account .Nonetheless, with his passion, he has the financial muscle to carry a university to stardom. Ned definitely do not need an Oil Sheik or any third party to build STARS .

But whether he gets monetary support from Asaba, Abuja, Lebanon or London ,Caracas or America – count it all joy !

Education has no enemy. It is everybody ‘s friend .It does not wear a hijab or Cassock or charmlet . The only toga is respect and respite .

The coincidence of Ned Nwoko ‘ s SENATE ( Delta North ) and the STARS UNIVERSITY is conjoining by the hand of providence .

It is not the propaganda of politics. It is the propagation of human purpose .

Don’t tell people how good you are .
Show them how good you come.
Ned has a school , not a scam .

No. Everything is not politics !

STARS UNIVERSITY – Posterity will clap for sure . Soon …

NED NWOKO – More than a budding SENATOR !!!

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