-Blank NEWS Online (NIGERIA) –By Austen AKHAGBEME:

THERE is an instinct shared by all animals, it is the survival instinct. This alludes to the fact that self-preservation is truly the first law of nature.

It is on this premise that one can understand the recent cross-carpeting of the vociferous Chief Fani-Kayode from his beloved Party, the PDP, to the ruling party, APC.

Here is a man who, in all fairness and purposes, have the “unique gift” of the gab and is willing to deploy it to a personal advantage both in the short and long run.

His uncanny ability to shamelessly ‘mesmerize’ his opponent without looking back has earned him an invite into the camp he swore to hate. His search for survival and relevance is borderless and therefore, morality must be left to the nuns and thrown to the birds of the air.

Everybody is blaming FFK, yet no one seems to be concerned about the inorganic nature of Party formation in our clime that makes party fluidity and membership inconsistency, a fall out of the lack of political ideology in our party system.

In Nigeria, politicians are far less conversant with the party manifesto than they are with the fact that political parties have become mere vehicles and platforms to actualize personal political ambitions.

Until and unless political parties become ideologically based and driven by an inherent nature that supports social change, the likes of Fani-Kayode will continue to happen on our political turf.

I do not blame the witty talker for once. I blame those who expect so much from him in a political environment with faulty systemic imbalances that do not support the interest of the common man.

Those who called for him knows his worth and “usefulness” in the upcoming season, where vociferous balderdash and ferocious attacks (instead of issue-based politicking) is required to silence the opposition.

Fani-Kayode has become the true face of the many faceless and pretentious politicians whose God is their belly; the only difference is that FFK is unashamedly unmasked and consistently conspicuous on this inconsistent road to infamy. He is but the boldest of them all.

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