Delta State Job and Wealth Creation Bureau is pleased to publish the latest [new] edition of the twice-a-month Okowanomics Fact Sheet Series.

The purpose of the Series is to widely disseminate Governor Okowa’s outstanding governance achievements and exemplary leadership performance in Delta State to key stakeholders and the public at the state and national levels.

This edition is titled “The Legacy of A Transformed Educational System”. It spotlights facts and figures of Governor Okowa’s superb landmarks in the educational transformation of Delta State.

Please, read and share the Okowanomics Fact Sheet No. 7, September-B 2022, attached as follows. Thanks.


Okowanomics Fact Sheet No. 7SeptemberB 2022

1.0  Introduction

Okowanomics Scorecard Series is a semi-monthly [twice-a-month] bulletin of evidence-based “Fact Sheets” showing Governor Okowa’s spectacular achievements in the social, infrastructural and economic development of Delta State. The Scorecard Series is a “book of chronicles” of Governor Okowa’s legacies and footprints in the geopolitical entity of Delta State. It is a tracker dashboard that mirrors real-time the unique developmental strides in Delta State under the leadership of Governor Okowa. 

The Series is developed and published by Delta State Job & Wealth Creation Bureau, using verified information and data from the relevant Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs). 

Okowanomics Fact Sheet No. 7 spotlights Governor Okowa’slegacy of a transformed educational system. The evidence spans the development of school infrastructure at the primary, secondary and tertiary education levels, enhanced adequacy and quality of teachers, improved access to education and the phenomenal growth of technical education and tertiary education, particularly, universities.


Okowanonics is the brand identity representing the gamut of Governor Okowa’s political sagacity, developmental philosophy and governance ideology defined by his people-centred policies, mission-oriented approach, economic prudence and social intelligence.

Underlying Okowanomics is Governor Okowa’s exceptional assortment of personality and character virtues notably critical thinking, clear foresight, sound planning, clever coordination, effective execution, humility, self-discipline, people skills and executive intelligence. These sterling qualities and attributes are manifest in the excellent leadership and exemplary governance of Delta State from 29th of May 2015 to date.



Education is key to human capital development in any society. It is widely acknowledged that education generates direct benefits to the individual as well as indirect [multiplier] impacts on the social and economic development of any country. Development economics provides ample evidence of positive private and social returns to investment in education, with returns varying from basic to tertiary education. 

In essence, the education system [its relevance, content and quality] is fundamental to the transmission, application and growth of knowledge, skills and technology in the country. Also, the quality and functionality of the educational system determines, to a large extent, the competitiveness of the economy. Consistent with this universal truth, His Excellency, Senator Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, Governor of Delta State, since assumption of office on the 29th of May 2022, prioritized the development of education in the SMART Agenda and Delta State Medium Term Development Plans 2016-2019 and 2020-2023.



As an early sign of the priority attention to educational development, Governor Okowa convened an educational summit which rallied all the educational stakeholders to address the sector’s challenges and chart a roadmap for education system reforms. The education summit was held from 25-26 January 2016 with the aim of refocusing the educational curriculum in the state to equip students with the requisite knowledge and entrepreneurial skills for business, trade, commerce and industry. The summit addressed issues ranging from access, infrastructure, curriculum, functionality, costs, teaching, quality and parental involvement.


Arising from the summit, several transformative reforms have been designed and implemented in the state’s educational system. The Okowanomics scorecard on various educational sector development indicators is illustrated in the following table.

Table 1. Okowanomics Scorecard on Educational 

​  Sector Transformation 


The evident transformation at all levels of Delta State educational sector since 2015 is the result of Governor Okowa’s prioritization of policies and excellent planning matched with faithful execution, judicious resource management and effective leadership. These good governance qualities are the hallmarks of Okowanomics – a developmental philosophy and governance ideology worthy of emulation by other states and replication at the national level.

This edition of Okowanomics Fact Sheet was developed using data and information provided by Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, Ministry of Technical Education, Ministry of Higher Education and Technical and Vocational Education Board.

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