-By Austen Akhagbeme:

Something is happening already in our body politic that some have quietly and ignorantly dismissed as a flash in the pan; it is the nearly unsolicited support and passion for Gregory Peter Obi, the Presidential candidate of the Labour party in the forthcoming general elections in Nigeria.

From Bauchi to Auchi, Zaria to Lagos and Asaba to Uyo, the desire, love and passion for the Agulu-Anambra state-born politician knows no bounds as people voluntarily took to the streets on Nigeria’s independence day anniversary to show their support.

This is quite unprecedented and not too many people are overly conscious enough to want to see it as it is. It is delusional for anyone to think that a Nigerian politician can attract such massive public acceptance based on mere partisanship and deft politicking alone.

The Peter Obi phenomenon has obviously and certainly gone beyond party, tribe and religious affiliations and the accompanying negative nuances that held the nation on her jugular from time immemorial. It is a new level of the collective reawakening of a people deceived, pauperised and bamboozled within the geographical space they call their Country. And this is tragic.

Few political changes spectacularly take place in a row as being witnessed presently in Nigeria. First, an organic party powered by a people’s will is gradually emerging to douse the fire of discontent raised by the old, inorganic, bestial and undemocratic political parties that held sway since the dawn of the fourth Republic.

Secondly and for a long time, Nigerians seem to collectively and almost unanimously believe in a man assumed to be a representative and representation of their collective hope and desire as a nation. And this is epic.

There seems to be a likely shift from the predatory politics of money to that of conscience and love for the country. When you are looking for hope in Nigeria today, it may not likely be found in the known and familiar political corners and enclaves. The hope for the nation is probably hiding away in Peter Obi’s orbit.

  • Austen Akhagbeme is a Columnist with Blank NEWS Online
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