Political Killings: Pa Opara And The Unsolved Cases

police logoNigeria’s politics is mostly described as a dirty game and also life threatening, considering the incidents that occurred years ago in the likes of the late Kudirat Abiola who was murdered in cold blood and the principal suspect linked to the assassination is one of the late Abacha’s boys: Hamza Al-Mustapha.

The wind of death never stops blowing across the country as another elder and a well – known activist Pa Cyril Opara from Umudike local government area of the eastern part of Nigeria was assassinated in Ughelli on the 4th of February, 2012.

According to the police investigation, Pa Cyril Opara was a man that was diligent in his ways, upright and never engaged in any ill-gotten activities. He was said to be survived by: Theophilus Opara- son, Victor Opara – son both from his late first wife and Martins Opara who is the only child of his late second wife Mrs Mercy Opara.

The killers were never apprehended although the police allegedly adopted a face –saving tactics of parading some armed robbers but those who know better are insisting that the assassination was politically motivated.

Based on investigation, our political correspondent reveals that those involved in most of the kidnap, human trafficking and rape cases in the Umudike community are members of a political gang who are highly sponsored by prominent people who are actually in the same party with the aforementioned Theophilus and Victor Opara. It is said that Theophilus and Victor Opara’s ideological views are different from their father’s.

The likes of Chief Bola Ige of the Action Congress (AC) and Dr. Rewane who was a chieftain of All Nigeria People’s Party (ANPP), one of the parties that has teamed up to form the All Progressive Congress (APC) was murdered on the 5th March 2003 and nobody is serving any jail term whatsoever. The Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) Onitsha branch chairman, Igwe Barnabas was also gruesomely murdered on the 10th of September 2002 together with his wife Mrs Abigail Barnabas. After the assassination, the killers ran over them with their car.

One should seek for protection whenever he or she could get one, because the irony of this story still remains that death lingers around the nation and people will never think that a man who was upright in nature and stood for the interest of the communities and country could face condemnation from close associates.

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