-Blank NEWS Online (NIGERIA) –By Austen AKHAGBEME:

IT is becoming increasingly nauseating, listening to our Presidential Spokesmen of late.

From the vocal cords of Mallam Garba Shehu to the erstwhile intelligent but polluted mind of Deacon Femi Adesina, truth and reality has taken an endless flight to the land of loquacious nativity where spurious untruths are spewed always, to defend a taciturn paymaster.

One wonders whether these Shield dogs and attack machines care about what posterity has in store for them and how a supposedly call to service has degenerated to a threshold of dishonesty and dishonor.There are those who argue that they’re merely doing their job. But what really is the scope of this job that makes someone lose his sanity and spewed foolishness from both sides of the mouth?

The controversial Rev Father Mbaka has created an opportunity of late to help us hear again, the usual warped thinking and lopsided emotions of Mallam Garba Shehu.

His response was that the Clergyman became disenchanted with his declared Messiah because of the latter’s refusal to compensate the Cleric in Kind in form of government contracts.

As Pedestrian as this is, one wonders if it couldn’t have been more golden for the Presidential spokesman to be silent. The base argument and reckless dismissal of the vociferous voices against the slaughter of the kidnapped Greenfield University students as ” this is not the first time people are dying “smacks of insensitivity and petulant delinquency.

Femi Adesina’s nuanced disposition, too, is not any better than Garba Shehu’s usual juvenile tantrums. Except that Adesina can be brutally combative with a most candid candor, full of hidden bile and literary senselessness.

Please let someone help me tell these folks that there’s life beyond and after Aso Villa; there’s just no need terrorising our collective sensibility by their wicked works and corrosive tongue. Honestly, there’s just no need!

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