Prioritise Migration To Rescue Nigeria Economy, Stakeholders Tell FG

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THE federal government has been advised by some stakeholders in the migration industry to priortise migration as a viable economy option in rescuing the country from economic sabotage.

The call was made at the Global Migration Movie Festival, 2021 organised by the International Organisation for Migration, IOM on Friday.

Two movies (Hide; Sierra Leone and Lodgers; Nigeria) were priemered and used as case studies to analyse the rate of irregular migration, causes and effects.

The stakeholders acknowledged that irregular migration caused by poverty, unemployment, insecurity and instability is eating deep into the country and impacting the psychology of affected children, youths, and women.

The Executive Director, Africa Youth Growth Foundation, Dr. Arome Salifu said “Government needs to priortise migration as an option to get out of economic challenges. If not, we would keep looking at migration as a challenge. If the government will consider it as an option and an area to explore, all they need to do is to standardise and certify our skills to conform with the country’s specific labour standard. Now that way, Nigeria can now explore bilateral, multeral labour instruments, agreements and resolutions to allow Nigerians leave Nigeria officially to work in those countries.

“Canada is looking for certain number of doctors coming into their country. There is nothing stopping Nigeria as a country to have understanding with the Canadian government to have certain number of Nigerians as long as we meet the specific requirements and qualifications.

“The same for Germany. There is nothing wrong for Nigeria to set up German schools purely for German language. Nigerians learn the language in preparation to leave Nigeria and work in Germany. Indian and Philipines are doing so. They are looking at migration as a viable economy option.

“If the government want to actually look locally to solve the problem of unemployement and poverty. The government make sure that there is functional industrializational sector, good educational and health system which is capital intensive. So we need to look for short cut to solve this problem.

Also toeing the same line, the National Project Officer, Labour Migration and Diaspora, IOM, Elizabeth Puage said: “Until all these issues such as socio-economic, political issues are addressed, there is no way forward in tackling the irregular migration. Government needs to do alot. There is need for coordination among relevant stakeholders. There is need for strengthened capabilities to handle or manage migration and sustain awareness.

“Government needs to release fundings for relevant stakeholders to implement migration activities and to address major drivers of migration such as Gender Based Violence, child trafficking, poverty etc.”

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