If there’s anything you cannot take away from President Vladimir Putin of Russia, it is the spartan determination to win every test of resolve as he’s never the first to blink an eye.

Postulations and deluge of analysis by geopolitical pundits seem to suggest that Moscow may have a rethink as the West and its allies were threatening sanctions if she moves ahead with her plan to invade Ukraine.

As we speak, Russian troops and weapons had found their way into eastern Ukraine through the Russian borders as well as Belarus in the North and also Russian- annexed Crimea to the South; what seems like the beginning of a long war has begun.

But one of the biggest questions, not too many people are willing to ask dispassionately is: what does Putin want in clear, simple and unambiguous terms? Is this former KGB officer who served in East- Germany, merely ambitious based on a sympathetic resonance and a kindred spirit with the old Soviet Union or was he forced to defend himself from a possible future “invasion” by America as x-rayed by the too-close- for- comfort macabre dance of NATO around her neighbourhood?

Despite Vladimir Putin’s generally perceived and widely accepted stubborn and “recalcitrant” persona by the west and their sympathisers, we must dispassionately agree that no one in Putin’s shoes will allow a ‘brotherly’ neighbour like Ukraine to go the way of NATO, with it’s avowed and unfeigned disregard for everything Russia represents.

Those who are pushing Ukraine towards NATO are unfortunately being exonerated from this brouhaha while Moscow is being vilified and projected by Western propagandists as the unreasonable aggressor.

The move by Putin, to him, was strategic, timely and necessary as the best form of defence from a possible emasculation by a self-proclaimed lone superpower using a proximal advantage.

Above all, engaging Ukraine in a war while supporting breakaway enclaves like Donetsk and Donbass disqualifies Ukraine from joining NATO as no nation in such a crisis are allowed to. Especially when he knows that NATO does not have a reason to retaliate militarily on behalf of a non-member state like Ukraine, beyond the sanctions, propaganda and noise making.

Before we crucify Putin, let Capitalism and her superstructure be advised that Vladimir Putin is not alone. The animosity by the EU and their backer does not translate to Russia’s rejection by China and her allies. The earlier a workable truce is brokered and Ukraine is kept a pole apart from NATO, the better for world peace that we all yearn for in this emerging multipolar world.

  • Austen AKHAGBEME is a Columnist with Blank NEWS Online
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