Blank NEWS Online (NIGERIA) – By Austen AKHAGBEME:

It is often very worrisome to think that Africa ,over the years, have always been the victim of foreign negative machinations and the extra externalities of factors (clothed in various euphemisms) that often helped to undermine and unmake Africa.

The story of ancient mercantilism, chattel slavery, colonialism, imperialism and lately globalization, is well known to be the chequered road that gave birth to the impoverished African continent of today.

Even the very natural resources that Africa is endowed with has morphed into internecine wars, orchestrated by these same “external variables ” to see to it that Africa remains a perpetual Junior partner in the international division of labour.

These imperialistic tendencies has refused to let Africa be as they appear to be more and more carnivorous by the day as the continent trudges and groops in utmost darkness. This is the very reason why ” the helpers of Africa “often think Africa as a huge and ready laboratory to carry out their nefarious experiments in all facets of western endeavour.

Today, as the world battles with covid 19 and its devastating effects on mankind, Africa has once again become the target of those whose morbid desires it is to depopulate the world to make it habitable, enjoyable and convenient to a self chosen ‘superior ‘ beings to inherit.

While the origin of the Pandemic and its purpose is still shrouded in mystery, permutation and theories, the mad rush to suggest that Africa should be the testing ground for a vaccine yet to be discovered is a rude pointer to the sinister motives of those who often profess to love Africa more than Africans themselves.

It is still a ridiculous paradox, to independent minded public health experts, that the first line of action for an outbreak of a pandemic is Vaccine and not the often hurriedly suggested solution of a curative therapy. The fact that the almighty World Health Organisation is in sink with this suggestion leaves much to be desired and smacks of complicity and liability.

The age-old scale is gradually falling off the eyes of the American establishment as they seem to be asking the right questions and making the much needed moves to stop the Bad Samaritans in their tracks. This is ably demonstrated by the withdrawal of the usual funding of this conspiratorial behemoth by the American government recently.

Questions upon questions are being asked daily as covid 19 takes its death toll on humanity. Where did this strain of Virus comes from? Is it truly from the Chinese wet market in Wuhan as Beijing owned up to or is it a chemically engineered weapon from a laboratory as Washington alleged? Where is Dr Fauci and Mr Bill Gates in this knotty equation? Why is the emphasis more on vaccine for a disease that has “no known cure “? What is the correlation between America,Spain, Italy that was badly hit by the pandemic with China on one hand and the major cities of China like Beijing that were free, on the other?

Until and unless credible answers are provided for the above questions and some others, the secret desires of the deep state and their wide spread dragnet of collaborators will never be known or be nipped in the board.

The Power theorists are not left out in this melee. They’re of the opinion that covid 19 is a miscalculated effort by the Chinese to square up with American economically without firing a shot. But unfortunately, it has escaped to the rest of the world and therefore has successfully exposed Beijing’s to global acrimony and disrepute.

Nevertheless, the pandemic is nothing but an imperialistic tool aimed at depopulating the world, especially Africa, by the new imperialists lovers of Africa (The bad samaritans) with a selfish collaborative synergy of the world Shadow government, made up of the few who have arrogated to themselves, the responsibility of ‘saving’ the world.

They’re not difficult to identify. They have their fingers on every pie in the world especially amongst developing Economies all around the world. They give aids, grants, loans and more often than not, gives unsolicited advice on population growth, global warming, Vaccines and life expectancy to peripheral states. They choose to love Africa more than Africans. These are the Bad Samaritans.

  • Austen AKHAGBEME is a Columnist with –Blank NEWS Online
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