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Like a heavy stone thrown from an elevated altitude, the embattled DCP Abba Kyari is truly on a free fall, cruising to oblivion; or so it seems.

It should be recalled that against the “exaggerated” pedigree of competence, professionalism, patriotism and discipline with which Nigerians held Abba Kyari in high esteem, the nation was rudely shocked about his alleged romance and complicity with the convicted internet fraudster and Instagram celebrity, Abbas Ramon, popularly known as Hushpuppi, a few months ago.

Those who loved him were shocked stiff and bemused about their falling hero, not knowing exactly what to make of it. But as the days goes by coupled with the melodrama of accusations and denials, it was becoming painfully clear that the award-winning crime buster has so much to answer to.

While Nigerians waited with bated breath to see the outcome of the various levels of investigations put in place to unravel this potential national shame, the newshounds are spilling yet another shocker, this time around, from the NDLEA. He’s freshly being linked to global drug groups and accused of complicity in an alleged 25kg of cocaine trafficking offence with a purported video “evidence” trending on social media.

What is going on? Could a public servant be that smart, bursting crimes and committing crimes all in one whole swoop unnoticed for such a long time, yet applauded while winning awards everywhere?

Or is it possible that someone is after Abba Kyari, determined to “bury him” by all means in reciprocity or vendetta? What if all of this is concocted as a profitable “smear campaign” against Kyari by those who are determined to keep him locally attended to while the international angle to his predicament wanes?

Just recently, too, the arrested kidnap kingpin, Evans, accused Kyari of maltreatment and brutal killing of suspects in his custody. There’s just so much to discover about this cop in the days ahead. Both the real and the unreal.

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