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ASIWAJU Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the leader of the Nigerian ruling Party, APC, and the former Governor of Lagos State, did not quite look like this.

Sandwiched between two ‘uninvited’ visitors, the lion of Bourdillon seems to have lost his gait, swag and candour. In one of the pictures that have gone viral on the internet, he was seen carelessly, caressing a walking stick. He seems to have lost some weight and aging so fast.

Though unannounced, it is easily becoming glaring that the enigmatic politician needs some medical attention. And I think this is why he still remains in the United Kingdom, despite the ‘outcry’ at home.

It is a common knowledge that the former Lagos State Governor, have an eye on the Presidential ticket of his Party, the APC, in the coming elections. And this, too, has become his albatross.

Up until now, no politician in Nigeria in recent time, commands both positive and negative attention than Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Anything and everything that happens within and around Lagos as a state or APC as a Party is rightly or wrongly attributed to the erstwhile senator.

This has truly made those who hates him, fears him the more while those who loves him, admire him, too. That has become the pleasant and the not too pleasant aura, surrounding the erstwhile lawmaker.

Just as every other thing associated with the Jagaban is, his medical sojourn in the UK has attracted a unique pilgrimage of some sort among his faithful disciples and the not too faithful.

Nigerian politicians are a wonderful lot; they can attempt to score political goals from every angle of the field without a proximal consideration to the goal post.

Among those who wants to be in Tinubu’s good books, are few others whose visit is to tacitly announce to some discerning Nigerians, that the political actor is, after all, human and therefore, not healthy enough for 2023.

These are the bad Samaritans who, despite the outward show of solidarity, never meant well as far as the Jagaban’s political ambition is concern. They loved to be where the former governor desires to be. This is why they took advantage of Tinubu’s frailty to make a statement against his political desires come 2023. May God save us from bad Disciples.

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