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Notoriety, bravado and the audacious use of extra-territoriality of state power gained traction and popularity with the dreaded Tony Kabaka as he reigned in the heyday of political thuggery and thundering that is often associated with electioneering campaigns in Edo state, especially in the recent past.

Just very recently, a popular BBC documentary x-rays the menace and danger of cultism and Tony Kabaka “featured” conspicuously in the gruesome melee.

To those who used him, he was a daredevil iron law needed to prosecute the hardest of elections in Edo state and be assured of victory no matter whose ox is gored.

But that he has ecclesiastically turned full circle, all in the name of true repentance and submission to the will of God who made it possible for him to win the case in court against the state government that offered him the opportunity of a rebuilt by the state government of his demolished Hotel is one meat many do not want to swallow.

While so many think it’s all gimmicks and gibberish, others think that sparing with an executive Governor within his ring could just be tiring and suicidal. Therefore, the best way to save a fast-fading face and a leaning pocket is to apply wisdom and feign loyalty to obtain forgiveness, as it were.

Just as the biblical murderous Saul of Tarsus ( who later became Apostle Paul) couldn’t be trusted initially after his claimed encounter with Jesus on his way to Damascus, Tony Kabaka is not being given any chance.

Whether or not he repented because of his declared reasons, any problem that draws one closer to God and caused him to turn from good to bad must be given a chance of acceptance.

What if it is truly true that we have come to the end of the reign of the “bad boy” and its accompanying social problems? Won’t that be good news for peace in Edo state? I’m just thinking aloud. After all, only the Lord himself knows those that are his.

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