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JENNIFER CHINASIAOKWU OKOCHA (2016/2017 STEP CYCLE). Our STEPreneur for the week is Jennifer Chinasiaokwu Okocha, trained in Audio-Visual Services. She hails from Aniocha South. She is the CEO of JennyChi Studios, Asaba. Jennifer attended Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwashi-Uku where she obtained an HND in Business Administration. Despite being in a male dominated vocation, she stands tall in affirmation of the saying that what a man can do, a woman can do better as she makes waves in videography, video editing, photography and set designs.

She has trained one person and has clients both in the private and public sector.

To increase her income, she has diversified into hairdressing, her first love, a skill she acquired from her mother who is a hairdresser. She has bought all necessary equipment for her salon. Currently, she managed two businesses, Audio-Visual Services and Hairdressing.

Hear her, “Still in business is my first achievement. Secondly, I can boost of taking care of my needs and those of my parents.” Ever since I got enrolled in STEP, my life has completely changed. Before now, my prayer was to get a good business that would sustain me and I thank God for his Excellency whom God used to wipe away my tears.  Today, I can boost that I am not a liability to my parents. I am a skilled and productive youth. I do not only own a video/photo studio, but I am a professional hair stylist. 

“After establishment by the State Government, I needed to diversify to hairdressing business, being one I can run in addition to Audio-Visual Services. When l am not in my office for my hair dressing business, I am in the field for videography and other engagements. I thank God I am able to maintain the two businesses without complain and regret till date. I was able to save money to purchase new equipment for both my salon and studio.

“I have trained persons that have graduated and a trainee for videography who has completed the training and has gone back to school to make a living from videography. I know the best in me is yet to come because I will eventually get to the top and I can never forget where I started from.

“I encourage my fellow beneficiaries to keep working hard to achieve a bright future. We need to make hay while the sun shines. I appreciate His Excellency, the youth governor. His goodwill and legacies shall last forever. I thank the team at job creation bureau too for engaging quality trainers to train us and to the team at youth monitoring and mentoring for always checking on us.

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