World Igbo Congress in Gabon refutes Kidnapping Report of Nigerian Woman in Gabon

-By Sunday Ikuesan:

The World Igbo Congress, the apex Igbo socio-cultural group in Gabon has refuted the claims of the kidnapping report of a Nigerian woman of Igbo extradition named Mrs Cynthia Njoku Edmund Uzomain Gabon. 

The group hinted that their rejoinder followed a news story by an online newspaper that the consular officer of Nigeria Embassy in Gabon, Mr Godwin OgboleOkologo held Mrs Cynthia Njoku Edmund Uzoma inan undisclosed location is a complete fallacy. The group averted that nothing of such ever happened in Gabon, according to the group, every allegation was an absolute imagination of the writer.

According to the group, it was the lady that went to theEmbassy of Nigerian in Gabon to report the unscrupulous attitude of her husband Njoku Edmund Uzoma on allegations of domestic violence and marital unfaithfulness. This was after the matter was unresolved by other Nigerian social groups like the Nigerian National Union and others. They buttressed that based on her complaint at Nigerian Embassy, the consular summoned notable Igbo chiefs and elders to advocate into the matter in order to arrive at peaceful resolution but Njoku Edmund Uzoma was always very hostile and violent at the whole arrangements. It was related to our reporter that among those present at the resolution meeting were Chief Tobias Anyanwu, president of Igbo World Congress, Chief John Ilekuba, Nze Nwandulo, Elder Obed C. Osuigwe, Mr Einnihiteand host of others. 

It acknowledges the efforts of the consular officer of Nigerian Embassy in Gabon Mr Godwin OgboleOkologo toward the welfare of Nigerians in Gabon.

The group averted that Njoku Edmund Uzoma took his hostility so far by conniving with his friends at the Gabon immigration department to attempt thedeportation of his wife illegally against all odds, but the later escaped the bundled attempt and ran to Nigerian Embassy once again for protégé. However the consular officer directed Mr Njoku Edmund Uzomapay the hospital bills of the injuries his wife incurred as a result of the pogrom. 

In the final resolution of the Embassy in the presenceof notable Nigerians in Gabon, notably leaders of World Igbo Congress, Leaders of Nigerian National Union, the consular officer opinion that since the marriage was contracted in Nigeria, it would be a lasting peace if the couple could travelled togetherback to Nigerian so that Mr Njoku Edmund Uzomamay personally hand over his wife back to her familyinstead of his modus operandi to the issue of separation of marriage.

As at the time of writing this report, Mrs Cynthia Njoku Edmund Uzoma is already in Nigeria. She is currently at Orlu in Imo state and not being kidnapped or missing as insinuated by the callous bloggers.    

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