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TAFA Balogun was a heavily built, haughty and hawkish cop who once traverse the length and breadth of our policing world. He was a former Inspector General of Police, who fell from office shamefully, with a heavy thud commensurate with his office and his human physique. He was accused of embezzlement and misappropriation of funds. It was a great fall.

Another super cop, a crime-buster, a multiple award winner, a celebrated performer and the highly respected DCP Abba Kyari, is recently been alleged, by the FBI, to have been wrongfully associated with a convicted cybercriminal, Hushpuppi. It was a shocking and unbelievable story to many, until Kyari’s hastened but wobbling response via his Facebook page.

There is no disputing the fact that Kyari has become the icon of the ideal policeman the nation yearns for. A goal-getter and an inspiration to so many young people everywhere. To criminals and men of questionable dispositions, the fear of Abba Kyari is the beginning of wisdom. Little wonder that his alleged complicity with Hushpuppi, by the FBI, was bad news to every ear.

While it might yet be too early to predict the fate of this super cop against the weighty allegation staring at him in the face, his hastened and ill-advised Facebook response seems to give the game away albeit, cheaply.

Abba Kyari told the world how that Hushpuppi called him about a certain person who was threatening his life. Having investigated and arrested the accused, he found out that Hushppupi lied and that it was a mere feud between two estranged friends. Now, instead of Kyari to go for Hushpuppi who has committed perjury by lying and misinforming law enforcement agents, he would rather become a middle man, through which Hushpuppi purchased his admired native attire.

This defence, truly, didn’t add up. It makes his numerous admirers tremble as the day goes by. There is truly a stinky fly in this ointment. May God Himself, help Abba Kyari.

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