-By Austen Akhagbeme:

The currency redesign policy of the central bank of Nigeria, CBN and the accompanying tributaries of troubles since then, are dangerously revealing the inner workings of the Nigerian circuit of power within the Aso Rock presidential villa.

Just recently, the presidential candidate of the ruling party, the APC, threw caution to the wind to insinuate that the hurriedly thought-out policy of the central bank and the fuel crises were aimed at scuttling his presidential ambition by disgruntled elements within the ruling party.

This was immediately denied by the party and the government while the Jagaban himself, beat a retreat and redirected his salvo to the opposition party, the PDP.

But subsequent events have shown that there is an ongoing rift between a powerful centrifugal force within the villa seeking to undo the Tinubu arrangement and those that want it.

Governor El-Rufai of Kaduna state has boldly come out with a story of how that these elements within the villa, who according to him, are not members of the ruling party do work against the tide, hiding behind Mr President to carry out their unpopular activities.

The first Lady’s hurried retweet of this El-Rufai’s narrative and video gave a tacit acquiescence to the Kaduna state governor’s claim. In the TVC interview, El-Rufai tried frantically to exonerate Buhari from this debris while almost swearing with the Koran that Buhari means well all the time, though could still be plagued with normal human frailties, mistakes and all of that.

Now, the question that remains to be asked is: why did it take El-Rufai such a long time to expose the shenanigans of these so-called elements in the villa as a bold and ” truthful” man himself?

Why did Tinubu and his handlers redirect the first salvo to the opposition when it looked as though a grievous mistake was made and then begin to reel out the same colour of accusations and insinuations ever after? Who were they afraid of?

What are we going to do about the powerful party-less cabal who Nigerians didn’t vote for yet controlling the helm of affairs in the darkest of nights to put us in darkness these eight inglorious years?

It is said that there are no wicked leaders but wicked advisers. Who are the next set of possible cabals capable of undermining the next President of Nigeria and what can we do to neutralise such evil gestures when a new president emerges?

Can we all use what is going on now as a guide to go for a candidate with a strong character, strong willpower, guts and proven evidence to show that he can fully be in charge to bring us out of the murky waters where others have left us? Think. Let us rethink again. Because we have just a few days to go.

  • Austen AKHAGBEME beme is a Columnist with Blank NEWS Online
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