BBC’s Attempt to Tarnish Prophet TB Joshua’s Legacy Falls Flat -By Prophet Isaiah

It’s been two and a half years since the passing of the revered Prophet TB Joshua, and yet the BBC seems relentless in its pursuit of discrediting the legacy of this esteemed man of God. Despite their attempts to tarnish his reputation, the indelible mark of his benevolence and compassion for humanity persists, echoing through generations.

TB Joshua was not just a good man; he possessed one of the kindest hearts, overflowing with love and empathy for his fellow human beings. His legacy is intertwined with acts of cheerful giving and a genuine desire to assist those in need.

Simplicity and absolute humility defined TB Joshua’s character. A radiant beacon during his lifetime, he embodied the true essence of Christ’s image. This is the unwavering belief in the man TB Joshua, whose life reflected the principles of love, kindness, and selflessness.

The stories concocted by the BBC stand as nothing more than baseless fabrications. They starkly contradict everything TB Joshua represented throughout his life. Those who truly knew TB Joshua are left perplexed, questioning the origin of these unfounded allegations.

Since his transition to glory in 2021, TB Joshua has found eternal rest with the Lord. It’s a caution to the BBC – let TB Joshua rest in peace. Cease the attempts to besmirch the legacy of a man whose life was dedicated to serving humanity and spreading the message of love.

In the face of these ill-conceived narratives, TB Joshua’s legacy remains unblemished, upheld by the countless lives he touched. The BBC’s futile attempts to cast shadows over his memory only serve to highlight the enduring impact of a man who lived for a cause greater than himself.

  • Prophet Isaiah Ogedegbe
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