Blank NEWS Online (NIGERIA) –By Austen AKHAGBEME:

AMIDST the many compounded issues surrounding the ongoing trials of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Chief Sunday Adeyemo, alias Igboho, nationalistic ethos and fabricated echoes are almost always sounding like a broken record in our collective ears.

On the flip side, tribal emotions and motions of ethnic solidarity are playing out rapidly on a bigger scale, unknown prior to this moment. Smart ethnic jingoists are making attempt at snatching heroism out of the jaw of despondency.

This is Nigeria for you: while some express sympathy for the extra judicial and Gestapo manner Nnamdi Kanu was ”captured” and the bloody attempt by the DSS at capturing Igboho in his home in the dead of night, emotions takes over and the cry against injustice suddenly overshadows every other prejudice hitherto held against these agitators.

One interesting thing about us is that like wide fire, high profile issues and delicate matters of this nature has the tendency to burn and fizzle out within a short pace of time unexpectedly.

In Nigeria, there is always someone to talk to, who can in turn, talk to someone to tamper Justice with mercy and douse the flaming fire that seems to be so unquenchable when it first started. We are in a nation where ethnicity can be used to raise an inferno and the same factor can still be used to quench it.

While everybody is crying out for peace, only few may remember to cry out for Justice. It is always good to go the way of Justice so that a lasting peace can be achieved than to cry for the peace of the graveyard, as it were.

All these are pangs of nationhood or nation-building and must be treated as such and not with a mind cut out for vendetta, intimidation and oppression . Let the ethnic solidarity demonstrated, especially in the last 24 hours, be a sign to us all that tribal affiliations cannot be wished away in our clime, any time soon.

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