-By Ezebunwo Ichemati:

A lot has been reported from the media parley our leader, former Governor Nyesom Wike, granted yesterday, where he alleged a lot of things about his successor, Governor Siminalayi Fubara, happenings in the politics of Rivers State, and the issues surrounding the crisis in the state.

A lot of us have avidly followed and had an experiential experience of the events in this state since time immemorial, irrespective of the silence of our people for fear of the uncertainty of the future. Even in our silence, we know the truth when we hear it and we know our history.

The truth is that Governor Fubara is too loyal, calm and very humble to even think of fighting anybody. Our leader, Chief Wike, even affirmed this in his media parley yesterday, wherein he stated that Sir Fubara was his best bet because the other aspirants would not have been able to tolerate him for two weeks.

A man, who wanted to destroy any structure would not have proposed to resign as governor, instead of fighting. Governor Fubara, whom we all know, has never been desperate for power because we all know how he emerged. If not for the public humiliation-laden impeachment ambush against his reputation, he still would have carried on quietly as the very humble person that he is and hoped that the issues would be resolved internally.

In this state, we heard in a recorded conversation where a local government chairman was heard violently threatening another that he and Governor Fubara should get prepared for war, because he is coming for them, and the governor who has been accused of fighting the structure has not responded or taken any action against the chairman. Such cannot happen during the 8 years of our leader; when chairmen were suspended and their allocations deliberately delayed as punishment.

If Fubara was fighting as many people had expected him to, the man would have since dissolved his cabinet and relieved a lot of people from their duties, but alas that is not the case, which was the common practice during the administration of our leader.

Amidst the disrespect from even his cabinet members by some very powerful commissioners and chairmen, Governor Fubara has remained calm, respectful in words, and humble. Such tolerance, restraint, and humility should be studied. This is what those struggling to be governor through impeachment will never endure.

One clear take-home in all of this is that we have examined and x-rayed GOVERNOR FUBARA & WE HAVE FOUND HIM NOT GUILTY. But as usual, the system will always come up with a reason to lead Rivers State people into a needless battle, thus the allegation of destroying the structure. How can a man who practically inherited all political office holders of the former administration be accused of such a charge?


???? He, Fubara is destroying our structure, I’ve asked him to maintain the structure that brought him. – WIKE
???? Response:
As a people, we can choose to feign ignorance or not but the truth is that, Governor Fubara in the beginning of his government was even called a puppet and a weakling because he practically inherited the working team of his Oga. From personal boys of our leader to special assistants, to Commissioners, to security and even his Chief of Staff was provided for him. The elders that used to move with our leader, are still the ones moving with the governor. Every appointment so far in this state, except for a few Special Assistants and the 2 Commissioners from the Local Government of the governor, was processed directly by the structure. So, how then has the structure been destroyed, which is yet to be made known to the public? I wouldn’t want to dwell on speculations for now hence my question.

???? I’ve respected President Tinubu by keeping calm, but Governor Fubara has disrespected the President and Vice-President. – WIKE
After the intervention of President Tinubu in the imbroglio of a failed mutiny attempt that bedevilled our state. It is Governor Fubara, who has carried himself more in a peaceful manner. For the first time in the history of our state, the governor appeared in a state broadcast to apologise and even called the minor setback a father and son issue that’ll be resolved. The governor has never threatened anyone publicly, rather it is our leader, Chief Wike, who has threatened to cause more issues in the state which will cripple governance and development, even with the Presidential intervention.

???? 27 Assembly members are against the governor. – WIKE
???? Response
: That they are against the governor is no fault of Fubara, because even the members don’t know why they are against him. They are only following orders as directed by the structure that purchased their forms just as the governorship forms were purchased for all aspirants. A lot of members who have dared to open up in private said they were coaxed into the decision because of their pending Appeal Judgment. To date, there is no public rationale as to why the failed impeachment attempt was enforced.

???? He is an ingrate and only ingrates will support him. – WIKE
: For a man who was declared wanted by the EFCC because of you, yet he stayed loyal, went into hiding and took the shame all because of the structure. Then such a man cannot be said to be an ingrate. Everyone in life has one or more persons that have helped him/her to grow and disagreeing with one who helped you to grow on some certain issue does not amount to betrayal or being an ingrate.
We still remember the painstaking roles President Jonathan and his wife, Mama Patience, played in ensuring that another Ikwerre son took over as Governor of Rivers State from an Ikwerre son who has served 8 years straight. Even after the efforts of these Ijaw Icons, we stopped seeing them in our state, we stopped issuing an official birthday wish to them as a state until recently, but this didn’t stop our Ijaw brothers & sisters in Rivers State from supporting and standing in defence of our leader Chief Wike.

????I fought my battles. – WIKE
: Our dear leader has forgotten that he did not fight his battles alone. It was the combined efforts of all Rivers People that ensured that he came out victorious. The women of Kelga, The women of Ogu/Bolo and Okrika, the youths of Phalga, the sons of Nyemoni in Akuku-Toru and many others, all played their part.
In all the victories of our leader, it is Rivers people that have made it possible and the Grace of GOD, so it shouldn’t be about self.

???? It is Atiku’s people who are trying to use SIM against me. – WIKE.
: If only our leader had handled matters with his son internally, and protected him from the disrespect he was subjected to amongst supposed family members, instead of attempting to use the Assembly to remove him unjustly, it wouldn’t have been a free-for-all fight.
Trying to link this to Atiku because of the presidency is a disservice to Rivers State people, because of a truth, this is just Rivers people standing and defending the integrity and personality of Governor Fubara the number one citizen of their state, just as they did defend you our leader.


In a society where influence outweighs democracy, the true value of our voice diminishes, as power is wielded by position rather than the genuine voice of the people.

I remember when Governor Fubara, once said that nobody should send him any message because he would show it to his Oga, our leader. The truth is, there is always a limit to how far you can continually push a humble man, no matter how loyal he is.

Until kingmakers realise that there is an elastic limit to which they can stretch their authority, everybody will continuously be called an ingrate and betrayer.


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