“Do Not Critisize Uduaghan’s Govt” –Delta Leaders Warn Rita Lori
Mrs. Ibifuro Tatua, Director of Communications
Mrs. Ibifuro Tatua, Director of Communications

A self styled “Delta leaders” group, under the aegis of The People’s Movement, while reflecting on the recent state of affairs in Delta State, has given Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan a pass mark in democratic practice and service delivery.

A statement made available to Blank NEWS Online by the group’s Director of Communications, Mrs. Ibifuro Tatua, described certain allegations of poor performance, kidnap of a serving judge in the state and profligacy as colourless, laughable and a deliberate malice to bring down the governor.

“In a country where some governors recklessly abandon their responsibilities to the people, abuse their offices through ostentatious lifestyle amidst mass poverty and through glaring indiscipline, Uduaghan has over time built for himself the integrity for redeeming promises made to the poor and the needy as well as working for the interest of the people in the state”

The leaders lamented the unwarranted and provocative attacks on the governor aimed at destroying his rising political profile, his special relationship with the presidency and key political actors in Nigeria and abroad, warning against the likely negative consequences such a development was likely to have to the state.

The leaders advised politicians and elders in the state, particularly those whose ambition to remain eternally as plunderers of resources to temper ambition and greed with concern for the public good.

Leaders at whatever level must demonstrate a certain degree of decency and exemplary conduct. Desperate politicians, those without ideas and popular goodwill are running away from real issues and resorting to character assassination and personal abuse. These people, mainly elders and politicians, are not united by the common desire to move Delta State forward but to bring down Governor Uduaghan and his unprecedented record of performance.”

The leaders extolled the virtues of the governor, emphasizing that his visionary, exemplary and transformational leadership has taken Delta State to an all-time high level since 2007.

“We know that posterity will be on your side for the good works you are doing in Delta State just as we know that the founding fathers of the state believe you have surpassed their expectations in less than six years.”

On the impact of the administration, the leaders said like a pathfinder, the governor has within five years charted a new course of development for the people of Delta State.

“On assumption of office, Uduaghan promised to leave indelible and enduring legacies for the benefit of the people and future generations. This promise has translated into a lot of viable and very meaning projects. He has also moved in to wipe the tears of the people”.

Taking a tour into Uduaghan’s acts in the health sector, it is evident that the state is in for the best. All the general hospitals have been have been rehabilitated. The out of stock syndrome, which had crippled hospitals efficiency in other states, has already been confined to the dustbins. Drugs are constantly purchased and distributed to hospitals and other health institutions in the state.

“On the education turf, Uduaghan has reminded the people of the state that investment in that sector is the only way to control and stem the tide of youth restiveness. Apart from the renovation of primary and secondary schools, the government has awarded scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students in local and foreign universities.

“Recently, Uduaghan shocked athletes and officials of Team Delta with a big cash reward of one million each for every gold medal won at the Eko 2012 National Sports Festival. Uduaghan also announced automatic employment and scholarship for all gold medalists at the fiesta, while selected silver medalists also enjoyed the same gesture.

“Delta State Oil Producing Area Development Commission has so far completed 790 people oriented projects since its inception. The projects completed include school buildings, water schemes as well as hospitals and health centres. The Ministry of Women Affairs recently rehabilitated 1720 physically challenged people. The new Government House, Asaba International Airport, Asaba General hospital, beautification and massive reconstruction of roads are there for all to see. Uduaghan is also committed towards maintenance of existing road network.”

The leaders while thanking the governor for embarking on measures to protect the environment and make it safer for the people, urged Deltans at home and abroad to join forces with the governor to move the state forward.
“Governor Uduaghan is working very hard to ensure that the funds available to him are spread round effectively to achieve maximum effect.”

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