<strong>How STEP </strong><strong>U</strong><strong>plifted </strong><strong>M</strong><strong>y </strong><strong>Financial </strong><strong>S</strong><strong>tatus- Gerard</strong>

By Gertrude Onyekachukwu-Uteh:

Innocent Gerard is the CEO of Gerard Concept. He hails from Oshimili North Local Government Area. He has an HND before he got enrolled in the Delta State Government’s Skills Training and Entrepreneurs Programme (STEP) in the 2019/2020 STEP in which he received training in ICT Services. Two years later, Gerard shares his experience of business success.

“I have a documentation center in the main campus of Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwashi-Uku where I carry out ICT services as type-setting, photocopying, Cybercafé, computer networking etc. I developed my skills in the area of installation of CCTV cameras. I now install CCTV cameras and intercom communication gadgets. I have trained three persons and have employed two.

“Currently, I also work as a supervisor of contractors at a notable resort center in Asaba. My financial state has improved. I have roofed my house from the proceeds from STEP training and my wife and children are well taken care of.”

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