By Michael J. Ekokoruwe:

The president of Isoko Christian Association Nigeria, Apostle Dr. Thomson Oki, yesterday urged christians of Isoko South and North to pray towards the successful completion of the National secretariat of the Christian Association of Nigeria (C.A.N) building.

Apostle Oki who is the president and general overseer of Christ Chosen Deliverance Church Irri, made the statement during the foundation laying ceremony of the National secretariat of Isoko Christian Association of Nigeria building at Oleh, Isoko South local government area of Delta State.

While commending the clergymen from various denomination that accompanied him to the foundation laying ceremony, Apostle Oki promised to complete the National secretariat building before the end of December 2023.

Oki who is also the ambassador of peace to the United Nations and member Sustainable Development Goals (S.D.G) to Africa Nations, noted that funds for the National secretariat building are his personal servings and not yet supported by anyone.

Laying the foundation, Archbishop (Barr.) Gimbright Adaigho, accompanied by Bishops and heads of various denominations, commended Apostle Oki for personally embarking on building the National secretariat of the Christian Association, adding that ‘the history of Isoko Nation has changed to the Glory of God’.

While giving the narrative of how the project started, Rev. Edward Emanueta, Bishop elect said, Apostle Thompson Oki told members of the association after his election in a meeting that, God has sent him to build the association secretariat.

He maintained that Bishop Michael Okaro who was the vissionier and first president of the association, nominated Apostle Oki for the president, after the tenure of Bishop David Jebber and all the members supported.

Apostle Oki was elected president of the Christian Association of Nigeria on the 13th of February 2023 for one tenure of four years, and immediately commence work on the secretariat of the Christian association.

He personally bought 6 plots of land, sank borehole, bought 15 trips of sand and moulded 100 bags of cement, amounting to N6 million Naira.

Earlier, he promised to lay the foundation of the National secretariat in August and complete the building by December 2023.

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