Owelle Rochas Anayo Okorocha, candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) has emerged winner of the governorship election in Imo state to unseat incumbent Ikedi Ohakim of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
National Chairman of APGA, Chief Victor Umeh, expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the governorship poll in Imo State and described it as “free, fair and credible”, saying that the party will deliver on its electoral pledges.

Email: rochasgrp@yahoo.com
Name: Rochas Okorocha
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: 22-09-1962
State: Imo

Primary: St. Joseph Primary School, Barkin Ladi, Jos (1970-1976)
Secondary: Juladaco High School, Jos (1976-1981)
Tertiary: University of Jos (1990-1991), University of Jos (1993-1994) University of Jos (1999-2004)

The greatness of a people is not dependent on the amount of natural resource available but directly dependent on the efficient and effective harnessing and management of the available human and material resources coupled with the vision and character of the leadership. This I pledge to accomplish as a covenant with the people of Imo. Together we can make it work.

President, Nigeria Red Cross Society * President/Founder, Rochas Foundation Inc * President, Rochas Group of Companies Limited * Pro Chancellor, African Business School * Former Federal Commissioner, Federal Character Commission * Former Member, National Constitutional Conference * Former Chairman, Board of Nigerian Airspace Management Agency * Former Special Adviser to the President on Inter-Party Relations * Former Presidential Aspirant, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)

The Rochas Foundation is a non governmental, non denominational, non discriminatory organisation set up by its founder Owelle Rochas Okorocha to help the poorest of the poor in today’s society.The Rochas Foundation was first conceived as a community initiative in 1994 under the name of the Reach Out and Touch Programme, providing financial and medical assistance to the community. It also offers comfort to members of society who are in need of extra care or at risk of social exclusion, for example widows, people affected by HIV/AIDS, the homeless and orphaned children.
In 2001 the founder, Owelle Rochas Okorocha turned his attentions to the plight of the uneducated children throughout Africa, who are unable to attend secondary school due to the lack of money or sponsorship.
The first Rochas Foundation College opened in 2001 in Owerri, providing free, comprehensive education to just over 200 pupils. Since then Owelle Rochas Okorocha has funded a further four schools from his own personal fortune in the states of Jos, Kano, Ogboko and Ibadan.
The Rochas Foundation is today best known for its work within the education sector and approximately 5,000 children are believed to have been educated or are currently being educated in The Rochas Foundation. This number grows every year in-line with the increased demand for education and the excellent reputation of the Rochas Foundation.
Owelle Rochas Okorocha not only funds the pupil’s educations but every requirement alongside including text books, transport, uniforms, medicines and accommodation.
Future plans for the Rochas Foundation include the building of a university in Ogboko, the construction of which is now underway and a Summer retreat also in Ogboko which would allow the Rochas Foundation students, many of whom are orphans, to spend school breaks with Owelle Rochas Okorocha who is affectionately and respectfully known as their ‘Daddy’.
Owelle Rochas Okorocha made his substantial fortune through real estate business endeavours in the 1990’s. He is now believed to be one of the richest men in Nigeria with a personal fortune estimated at $500 million.
Owelle Rochas Okorocha is politically active and incredibly popular. His empathy is always with the common man who he champions through his politics. Owelle Rochas Okorocha is also President of The Red Cross for Nigeria, a position he has held since 2008.

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  2. Allglory be to Godwho make lmposible to be posible,chief rochas i want you todedicate ur victory to god and imo mass call imorian to embark on fasting for sevendays for God spprit to lead the state lead to do his will and build the state spiritually and proper development dont for the masses thy wont forsake you its well with ur leadership .

  3. is God that choise and the mass dont forget them thy wont forget you when you are in need them ,nd iwant you to declear seven day fasting and prayer for the state to seek God favior for greater glory for land.

  4. I don’t trust this man. The story is too good and perfect to be human.Something is missing. What does Rochas do? Where are the businesses. who does he employ. We need dates names and whatever.This maybe another Arthur Nzeribe.I am from Imo State and I am afriad that we are in for a rough ride to no where.WHO IS THIS MAN?


  6. Chief Rochas Anayo Ethelbert Okorocha (OON) before your father married your mother, your helper, God had known that u will in 2011 become the elected governor of Imo State. This was why election was rigged for Ohakim in 2009. Today people and God have unanimously given u their mandate, i am a witness. My advice: use credible, honest, merit driven, and God fearing persons in your cabinet. Remember PDP Imo, is corrupt and also remember 2015 God is capable. My prayer: may your helper God give you the wisdom of Solomon, make your reign transparent and smooth so that people from all works of life will bear witness for u in 2015.

  7. congratulations.Thanks to God for your victory at the pool.It is not your power but the wish of God.Ilook forward to 2015 when you shall be the president of our country called Nigeria from the IGBO extraction.congratulations.
    for your sake and for the people of imo state, I will like to serve my people in your cabinet at the commissioner level if need be.pls note that am not a politician but a tecnocrat.

  8. Nwanna, anam ekele Chineke n’isi gi maka oru oma ina aruru anyi na steeti anyi ma okachasi nke ina aru be anyi bu OGBOKO, Asi na-obughi gi nke bu eziokwu bu na mmiri ahu n’eri anyiga-aga n’ihu irir anyi mana ekele diri Chineke maka gi. Nke bu eziokwu bu na iburu umu OGBOKO niile Mezaya ahu anyi na ayu anya ya. Ekperem n’isi gi bu ka CHINEKE NNA were gi ruzuoro anyi oru oma niile okwadoro iji gi ru na OGBOKO, UMUMA EBENMANO, IDEATO NORTH NA SOUTH wee ruo IMO STATE niile. Biko ezigbo nwannem, CHINEKE nonyere gi mana marakwa na ndi party anakpo people deceiving people na-agba gi ngba niilea iji mee k’uche gi puo n’oru oma ndia ijigasi n’aka ka ogabu ngwa ngwa tenure gia gwuchara ka ha wee nwe ihe ha ga eji ekpe gi ikpe. Ya bu uche gi diri ya ezigbo nwannem. Ukwu ojoo agaghi akpo gi.
    Abum nwanne gi nwoke Uzochukwu Obi. esikwazim na ukabi Umuduruihemegom Umuezeala Ogboko. BIKO Agurum akwukwo na ENUGU STATE UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. {BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION} AND I CAME OUT WITH SECOND CLASS LOWER. BIKO ANAM ACHOSI ORU IKE.

  9. Dear sir,

    You are indeed a man of high repute.
    Sir, I intend to establish pure water factory in Owerri. This is very important becos investgations conducted revealed that so many people are still drinking untreated water.

    I need the support of your foundation.

    Thank you.

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