Issues: Lagosians, Keep The Faith

Folks, let us make no mistake about this, there MUST be continuity in Lagos State. And here are my reasons for saying so.about_ppp

Akinwunmi Ambode
Akinwunmi Ambode

The state has witnessed tremendous growth in many areas in the last sixteen years, people who LIVE in Lagos will confirm this. There have been great strides in providing infrastructure amidst an ever increasing population and exploding demand on public services. We have seen a government driven by a quest for good governance, an inclusive team and a commitment to excellence. APC has in Lagos a state that has pioneered IGR that remains a model for many states in Nigeria and many countries in Africa. It remains an incubator for leaders and ideas that spread to other parts of Nigeria. So my people, if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

Yes, there is much more that could be done but changing a winning formula for an untested one doesn’t make governance a positive engine of growth. We all know how much more Lagos State could have achieved but for the obstruction placed by the PDP federal government. A good example is the power projects, majority of Lagos homes would have had good regular electricity a long time ago if the PDP federal government had allowed Lagos state to implement its power programme. The PDP federal govt has for years frustrated Lagos’s development plans.

I am yet to see or hear anything from Jimi Agbaje that beats the APC’s master plan for Lagos other than populist ideas like scrapping the tolls and LASMA. Many people say he is a nice guy but he appears to me a man of telegenic appeal but little substance. PDP as a party has no precedence of performance or innovative ideas that suggests they have something that could surprise us positively. On a merit and competency comparison basis, Ambode beats Agbaje hands down. Ambode came from a humble background and rose to top level of his career whilst Agbaje’s record appears devoid of any tangible achievement or stint in public service. Besides, I am yet to see any concrete plans or policies from Agbaje that beats what Ambode stands for.

Lets call a spade a spade, the driving force behind Agbaje is really the anti-Tinubu gospel but Iet us be mindful of the saying that “don’t cut your nose to spite your face”…..he has done more good than harm. Despite what people are led to believe, Tinubu has done more for democracy than all politicians gunning for him combined together has done. But for him, Nigeria will be a one party state today. At the height of PDP’s intimidation with federal might, he stood rock solid in insisting on true federalism, in the process strengthening our democracy.

The risk of simply playing along with a party bearing Greek gifts is too much. A retreat from the centre to Lagos will simply mean an alternative wallet for PDP. The rot in PDP is simply too much for them to be trusted with Lagos State. This rot starts from the top and goes all the way through the body of the party. Let them fix this rot first before seeking our mandate.

Let’s call a spade a spade – the bitter, old and spent political opportunists are simply looking to camp their tents in Lagos State for the next four years. For the first time in recent times, we have an opportunity with APC in government at the centre and this promises to be Lagos State’s finest hour. All the special privileges which the state deserves but which it has been denied would now be easy to obtain. To change the ruling party in the state at the threshold of great opportunity would only serve to make the state’s governance dysfunctional and mediocre.

Four more years of Ambode is like four more years of Fashola, while four years of Agbaje is another four years of Jonathan. Brothers and sisters in Lagos state, keep the faith in APC – the party that has been tried and tested, and keeps delivering.

Please vote for continuity of good governance in Lagos State.

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