The Chairman of Amachai Youth, Comrade Emmanuel Onwudinjo Agala has described the online post of his impeachment as baseless , saying that no one has the right to impeach elected government .

He stated this in Okpanam while reacting to an online post that he had been impeached by the Diokpa-Isi of Amachai, Ogbueshi Mathias Okolie.

Comrade Agala said that initially , Amachai youths were divided into different factions, adding that it took God’s intervention for his administration to be able to bring them together under one one united body .

He said that there youths in the community that refused to allow peace to reign in Amachai community, stressing that as a peace lover and bright builder he was able to broker peace among them.

Comrade Onwudinjo stated that the Diokpa,-Isi of Amachai ,Ogbueshi Mathias Okolie right to unseat an elected Youth Chairman just by posting the notice on the social media without the laid procedure.

He explained that for several years, Amachai community had been in battle with her neighboring town , Issele-Azagba over Amachai land laying by the boundary between Okpanam and Issele-azagba .

He said that Issele-Azagba people had encroached and taken possession of Amachai community land, saying that it took the efforts of his administration to meet several times with the Diokpa of Amachai to see how they could put a stop on the ugly trend by the trespassers.

Comrade Agala noted that the Diokpa-Isi of Amachai refused to embrace their approach and commitment, adding that the Diokpa-Isi resorted to the issue of land recovery of land.

He said that the cold war had been on for the past 3 years . His words: ” How can we start recovery when strangers are invading our land and the Diokpa refused us to stop the invaders”.

Comrade Agala stated the mobilised Amachai youths and they succeeded in chasing the invaders from Issele-azagba away from Amachai community land located around the boundary between Okpanam and Issele-azagba.

Comrade Onwudinjo said youths are the leaders of tomorrow and that our fore fathers fought for us in the past so it was in continuation of the legacy our fore fathers had kept on ground that the Youths are also fighting for the future that instead of Diokpa of Amachai to welcome them and commend them for a good fight, he said they did it without his consent adding that the deviants youths who are seriously into drugs, alcohol and social vices around Diokpa are the people planning coup to impeach his government and that they have lured Diokpa into pronouncing that he is not longer the Chairman of Amachai Youths.

He said as the Diokpa of Amachai community, he had no business with the youth wing unless when there was crisis in the youth wing, saying that he was duly elected as a Chairman by Amachai Youths and not by Diokpa of Amachai that Diokpa .

The Amachai Youth Chairman said that under his leadership, there was no crisis among the youths and called on the general public to disregard the online media reports of Diokpa stepping him down as the Chairman of Amachai community youths.

He further described his purported impeachment news as the handiwork of mischief makers ,adding that about 98% of the youths were solidly behind his government.

On his part, Mr Felix Ikediashi called on the public to disregard the online post, saying it was a handiwork of mischief makers who do not want the progress and growth of Amachai community,

He said that an institution elected by individuals could not be desolved just like that without following due process , stressing that the said Diokpa-Isi could not single handedly decide to remove or impeach an elected Chairman only to impose an unelected leader on the Youths of Amachai community.

Mr Ikediashi said that Amachai community were happy and comfortable with the Comrade Emmamuel Onwudinjo Agala led administration, adding that his administration was already moving Amachai community forward .

He said that there had been progress and growth under the leadership of Comrade Agala , recalling that the community had won the land case in court with Issele-Azagba people and called on everyone to support the Onwudinjo Agala led administration for a great Amachai.

Also speaking, a one time Secretary of Amachai Community Youths, Mr Stephen Oborota said that b Amachai Youth wing had legal way of running their activities in the community.

He said that the Amachai youths chairman was not appointment but was elected into power by the youths

Mr Oborota said that election process started in the administration of Mr Felix Amamize and that after his administration , the government of Comrade Onwudinjo Agala came into power, which he affirmed was duly elected by Amachai Youths body.

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