Palestinian Govt asks UN to implement laws that protect defenceless people

The Palestinian government has asked United Nations to implement international law to secure and save the lives of defenceless people, particularly the Palestinian people.

A statement on Tuesday signed by the Ambassador of Palestine to Nigeria, Abdallah Abu Shawesh against the backdrop of the Israeli Occupation Forces that launched an attack on Jenin refugee camp in the early hours of Monday, said the international community should uphold and stand firm for the implementation of international law, UN resolutions, Human Right Declaration, and the Geneva Convention.

The Ambassador alleged that the military attacks started with air strikes on many homes and other civilian properties in the densely populated Palestine refugee camp by a fully armed ground force that stormed the refugee camp.

He said: “This aggression led to the loss of ten Palestinian souls, other tens wounded and heavy damage to properties and infrastructure.”

Shawesh added that the international community should also take a clear and firm stance to oppose and enforce Israel, the occupying Power, to stop its current aggression and attacks on civilians in the Jenin refugee camp and to fully respect its obligations under international law as the occupying power.

Shawesh while further alleged that it is evident that Israel’s sole and predominant choice is war, trampling international law and trifling all UN resolutions, and is in pursuant of a military solution, and constantly attempting to get rid of the Palestinian people from their ancient homeland by forcing them to surrender to its tyrannical messianic apartheid regime, said: “The latest military aggression came as a result of the incitement campaign led by the current racist and far-right Israeli government.

“The clear double standards used by the international community gives the green light for Israel, the occupying Power, to commit more crimes and more killing of the Palestinian people.

“We call for real and effective legal and diplomatic measures against Israel, the occupying Power, similar to what had been taken in other parts of the world.
“It’s long overdue for the international community to act immediately, and to take the tangible measures to put an end to the shameful silence and constant inaction.”

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