-By Austen Akhagbeme:

The dragnet of crises engulfing the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, that led to the emergence of a dissenting faction popularly known as the G-5, caught another big fish yesterday in the person of the disgruntled Governor of Bauchi state, Senator Bala Mohammed.

Never in the history of the party have they had it so bad as they are witnessing now. The axe to grind remains the strong desire for the removal of the party chairman, Senator Iyorchia Ayu, to pave the way to what the G-5 members referred to as ” equity and Justice within the party” as a person of southern extraction replaces him.

Senator Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed, who for long had been seething with discontent, couldn’t wish for anything better than this strange hand of friendship being extended to him by his fellow governors and embattled party chieftains.

The Bauchi state governor is already seeing the handwriting on the wall as regards his bid for a second term in office, and because politics is local, everything and anything must be done to capture the grassroots that has already been instigated and poisoned against him.

So when the ubiquitous Governor Nyesom Wike and his friends came calling, Senator Mohammed saw it as an opportunity to openly identify with them against a perceived common enemy within the party. In a state where the banana peel prevents incumbent governors from making a comeback, Bala Mohammed sure needs the support and doggedness of a Nyesom Wike and his friends to get a second term in office.

With another governor from the North East embracing the circuit of dissent within the party, the presidential campaign of the PDP is speedily taking a nosedive by the second, yet, the haughty leadership of the party remains egotistical in taming the tide.

How on earth can a party allow her six serving Governors to disassociate from a common campaign train aimed at capturing back the reins of power from an incumbent government and can still go to bed with her two eyes closed? This is truly unimaginable.

Is the situation irredeemable? In Nigerian politics and with Nigerian politicians, anything is possible. Just as we have former PDP warlords now as APC defenders and vice-versa, anything is still possible. May someone whisper this to the aged ears of the Waziri himself.

  • Austen Akhagbeme is a Columnist with Blank NEWS Online
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