"Stop Recognizing Dumbili Nwadiajueboe As Obi-Elect"  –Onicha-Olona Kingmakers Warn Delta Govt

The people of Onicha-Olona in Aniocha North have warned that recent attempts by the Delta state government to subvert the age-long traditional rulership system in the community may result in chaos.

At an enlarged emergency meeting held in Onicha-Olona on Tuesday, May 19, 2015, the Obi-In-Council of Onicha-Olona, consisting of the Obunzes who are representives of the six villages in the community urged the state government to jettison its plot to issue staff of office to Mr. Dumbili Nwadiajueboe as the Obi of Onicha-Olona.

Chief Paul C. Ezeashi (Iyase of Onicha-Olona)
Chief Paul C. Ezeashi (Iyase of Onicha-Olona)

The Obi-In-Council, speaking through the Iyase of Onicha-Olona, Chief Paul Eziashi appealed to the state government to stop recognizing Mr. Dumbili Nwadiajueboe as Obi-elect of Onicha-Olona, saying that such action will have a catastrophic consequence on the community.

Chief Eziashi insisted that the Okpalabisi system, which has been the system of the production of the Obi of Onicha-Olona must be sustained, saying that the hereditary system that has been advocated by Mr. Dumbili Nwadiajueboe is alien to the community and enjoined the state government to dissociate itself from such ignoble moves that could plunge the community into avoidable problem.

The community also issued a statement titled “Re: Okpalabisi System as the Age-long system for the production of Onicha-Olona: The attempt by Mr. Dumbili Nwadiajueboe and his cohorts to foist hereditary system on Onicha-Olona people – A demand that Mr. Dumbili Nwadiajueboe should not be recognised as that Obi of Onicha-Olona or be given staff of office”.

Chief Christopher Uzu Diji (Obi-designate and Obunze of Ogbeobi village)
Chief Christopher Uzu Diji (Obi-designate and Obunze of Ogbeobi village)

The statement was signed by Chief Christopher Uzu Diji (Obi-designate and Obunze of Ogbeobi village), Chief Paul C. Ezeashi (Iyase of Onicha-Olona), Chief S. O. Nmakwe (Obunze of Umuolu village), Chief Ndidi Ikpeoyi (Obunze of Idumuje village), Chief E. I. Okodike (Odoziobodo of Onicha-Olona), Chief Alex Etum Odih (Onihe of Onicha-Olona and Obunze of Ishiekpe village), Chief P. O. Odor (Obunze of Ogbekenu village), Chief M. Dibie (Obunze of Agba village) and Chief O. Odih (Isioga Ani).

Blank NEWS Online can reveal that the kingmakers of Onicha-Olona community have concluded plans to install Chief Christopher Uzu Diji (Obi-designate and Obunze of Ogbeobi village) as the Obi of Onicha-Olona, being the rightful person based on the age-long Okpalabisi System of production of Obi of Onicha-Olona.

Attached copies of statement made availabile to Blank NEWS Online:

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  1. Onicha Olona people had since advocate for change to hereditary OBI ship system being practiced by all ezechime towns, numbering seven except onicha Olona, also okpabuisi system normally produces very old men as Obi and illiterate hence they opted for hereditary system. This same chief Diji by his position performed ritual for abolition of okpabuisi OBI and concluded crowning of hereditary OBI and for no reason he abandoned same and wanted himself to be crowned instead. On the other side of the coin Mr Dumbili Nwadiajueboe was and is never ever selected or appointed by his clan as he was never the first son or Nwaisi of Ogbele udugbani. Ogbele Udugbani had three sons, Azubuike, Omone and Onichabor. Mr Dumbili Nwadiajueboe is from Omone family. Therefore if we want to start hereditary we start with Azubuike family not Omone family. Simple. By all standard Mr Nwadiajueboe was and is an impostor. Delta State Government will be making a blunder of themselves if they recognize Mr Dumbili Nwadiajueboe, simplicita. For peace to reign the son of late Emmanuel Kainebi Obuaya, Prince EMEKA OBUAYA the Nwaisi of Ogbele Udugbani be made the Hereditary OBI of Onicha Olona.

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