<strong>T</strong><strong>H</strong><strong>E</strong><strong> JOB AND WEALTH CREATION EVIDENCE </strong><strong>[</strong><strong>REVISED AN</strong><strong>D U</strong><strong>P</strong><strong>DATED</strong><strong>]</strong>

Okowanomics Fact Sheet No. 6, September-A 2022

1.0  Introduction

Okowanomics Scorecard Series is a semi-monthly [twice-a-month] bulletin of evidence-based “Fact Sheets” showing Governor Okowa’s spectacular achievements in the social, infrastructural and economic development of Delta State. The Scorecard Series is a “book of chronicles” of Governor Okowa’s legacies and footprints in the geopolitical entity of Delta State. It is a tracker dashboard that mirrors real-time the unique developmental strides in Delta State under the leadership of Governor Okowa. 


Okowanomics is the brand identity representing the gamut of Governor Okowa’s political sagacity, developmental philosophy and governance ideology defined by his people-centred policies, mission-oriented approach, economic prudence and social intelligence. 

Okowanomics Fact Sheet No. 6SeptemberA 2022

Underlying Okowanomics is Governor Okowa’s exceptional assortment of personality and character virtues notably critical thinking, clear foresight, sound planning, clever coordination, effective execution, humility, self-discipline, people skills and executive intelligence. These sterling qualities and attributes are manifest in the excellent leadership and exemplary governance of Delta State from 29th of May 2015 to date.


This edition of Okowanomics Fact Sheet is a revised and updated version of Okowanomics Fact Sheet No. 1. The revision has taken into consideration other dimensions of job and wealth creation not included in Okowanomics Fact Sheet No. 1.

Based on the revision and updates, Governor Okowa, has from 2015 to date:

A. Directly established 12,755 new youth entrepreneurs.

B. Indirectly supported 223, 905 persons in the areas of skills acquisition, entrepreneurship training, microcredit, livelihood sustenance and jobs placement. 

C. Created 1,325,750 indirect ancillary and multiplier-effect jobs from public infrastructure works, public private partnerships, community-level projects and youth empowerment programmes.


The detailed break-down of the job and wealth creation evidence is as follows.

Direct Beneficiaries of Skills Acquisition, Entrepreneurship Development and Youth Empowerment Programmes – 12,755 persons. These are the NEW ENTREPRENEURS directly created under the various job creation and youth empowerment platforms, from 2015 to date, viz, STEP, YAGEP, GEEP, RYSA, GEST, ICT-YEP, WESAP & DESOPADEC.

Enrolment in Youth Skills Acquisition/Learning and Skills Upgrading Programmes of the State Government – 37,922 persons. These are beneficiaries of government support for technical colleges and vocational skills acquisition centres.

Direct Interventions in Support of Micro & Small Businesses and Enterprises and Livelihood Support – 62,821 persons. This             

includes microcredit, grants, loan guarantees, training, working capital support, inputs subsidy, business linkages, market support, financial inclusion, etc.

Direct Public Service Employment and Related Job Appointments – 6,770 persons. This refers to public service recruitments by government ministries, departments and agencies [MDAs] and other direct government-supportive job appointments.

Indirect Support for the Acquisition of Entrepreneurial and Vocational Skills by Students of State-Owned Tertiary Education Institutions – 116,392 persons. This includes all tertiary education students who have taken part in curriculum-embedded entrepreneurship courses and those who have acquired vocational skills during their course of study at the university, polytechnic or college of education.

Indirect and ancillary Jobs resulting from youth empowerment, enterprise support, community-level projects and public infrastructure works (construction of roads, bridges and drains, water projects, building of schools, health centres, markets, real estate, parks, etc.) – 1,325,750. This is the aggregate of various consequential jobs arising from indirect, primary and secondary outcomes of government programmes and projects in youth entrepreneurship, business enterprise support, livelihood support, agricultural intervention projects, community-level projects, and public infrastructure works.

Okowanomics Fact Sheet No. 6, September-A 2022

This edition of Okowanomics Fact Sheet was developed through close collaboration between Delta State Job and Wealth Creation Bureau and Office of the Chief Economic Adviser.

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