This is my story —Youth Development commissioner, Agbateyiniro Weyinmi

The Delta state Commissioner for Youth Development, Agbateyiniro Weyinmi, has opened up on the allegation of him allegedly assaulting his aide in his office in Asaba.

A statement made available to Blank NEWS Online reads:

What we saw and read recently in Sahara Reporters is a reflection of the degree of frustration occasioned by the solid brick wall erected against those with sinister motives and evil agenda that want to fleece this Government at all costs through the back door.
l anticipate that this frustration will get worse in the days ahead. Usually, when a new Government is constituted, people try from several fronts to position themselves and benefit from strategic positions. While some do theirs with genuine intentions, others do so with entirely negative and bad intentions.
I have told those who care to listen that because of how very fortified this administration is from all ends, no one with inordinate schemes will be allowed to crack successfully into this Government.
May be, the only offence that I have committed is to make the activities of the Ministry of Youth Development wide open through my open door policy and accessibility.
Since I assumed office, there is hardly any youth or group of youths that wants to access me whether at home that was not attended to; in the office at public functions; be they students, ethnic youths, those with physical challenges or professional youths that have not accessed me.
Do not also forget that this demography because of its peculiarity is the
demography where you find the good, the bad and the ugly. What majority of
them do not know is that as open as our open door policy is, we have
emplaced solid mercenaries with which we thoroughly scrutinize every proposal to properly situate all youths and the agenda they come with.
Therefore, if you come with genuine intentions, you will be
accommodated and given your right space but if you are profiled and
discovered to be with sinister motives, you will definitely be placed where you
As I speak to you, the Police in the course of their investigation
occasioned by a petition I did to them is currently investigating one Tega Oghenediaro popularly known as Fejiro Oliver that is a notorious blackmailer
over his recent outburst that he was expected to come and substantiate.
To the greatest amazement of everyone, when he got wind of the information that the Police was after him, he dramatically ran abroad.
The crux of this whole Sahara Reporters news was that recently, a gang of four invaded the State claiming they were bringing investment and funds from World Bank for the development of youths. They also promised to bring more from ‘Bank of Africa’, NEXIM and AFREXIM Bank. But surprisingly, when they were taken to the Office of the Honourable Commissioner for Economic Planning and were subjected to routine scrutiny, and crucibles were found not to be whom they claimed or who they claim they represent. Accordingly, the Commissioner for Economic Planning ordered them to be arrested for further interrogation. In order not to interfere with the dispassionate investigation being conducted by the police, their names will not be mentioned here. However, the Delta State Police Command can be contacted for any detail.
Surprisingly, since this unfortunate incident happened, it has been one form of harassment, blackmail, intimidation, phone calls or the other. Just a day after they were released, they mobilized to destroy things in my office from where again one of them was re-arrested by the Secretariat Security and taken to G.R.A. Police Station, Asaba.
This gale of blackmail therefore was to distract the attention of the general public from the substance of the case. The allegations should be entirely disregarded. Today, if it is not about stolen bags, it will be about missing dollars in the bag. If it is not about slapping of aides, it will be about assault of aides or lack of tools to be used by aides, or attendance of night club. All of these cannot deter us or the Police from doing our job. There is hardly anyone in the Public Service that does not know how Government business works. If you do not have budget or raise memo on any item, you cannot get approval and if your memo is not convincing, detailed and logical enough, no approval will be given.
Therefore the issues of welfare or lack of tools to work by anyone, generated in the Sahara Reporters story is too trivial to join issues with and should therefore be completely ignored.
My advice to the youths of Delta State is that they should be mindful of whatever they get involved in because, certainly, there will be legal consequences for every action.

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Blank NEWS Online founding Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, Albert Eruorhe Ograka, is a Graduate of Mass Communication. He also holds a Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Journalism from the International Institute of Journalism (IIJ).

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