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Greetings to my leaders, brothers and sisters of Ndokwa Nation. I must say this without fear of any big name, but only with the fear of God! the creator of Heaven and Earth and for those of us who are dedicated to the emancipation of our ethnic Ndokwa nation who are now beginning to see the reasons why there is no need to continue, which also has prompted us to raise this issue, as a way of encouragement, knowing too well that he or she who wants to serve his or her people, had to do it without expectations of any acknowledgements of any kind from individuals or groups.

It is a known fact that selfless service remains a service carried out willingly by the children of God, who are ready to serve tirelessly for the purpose of liberating mankind from the shackles darkness.

Therefore, anyone who have been chosen by heaven to help liberate his or her own people, should never see it as a big task to bear, because the credit and glory awaits anyone who had done the needful for the people at home and the diaspora.

Its imperative I appreciate and encourage those who are dedicated to the call of “Ndokwa must be developed”, and live in harmony and oneness of purpose.

We assure you in a short time that darkness will definitely give way for the proposed development that makes us gallantly prepared, to make the necessary moves for the “good people of Ndokwa nation” and to be free from marginalisation and total intimidation from the hands of the detractors.

Therefore we urge you to please continue your good work without expectations of looking forward to how the act of endemic would be eradicated before working towards the needful, because our ethnicity is phenomenons, so backsliding from her functions or duties should be out of the struggle to get her liberated. Please leaders of thought, Ndokwa nation needs human capital and infrastructural revolution.

Therefore the Federal Government’s implementation of the PIB bill and removal of host community fund is not a welcome practice to the system, says Pages group international (PGI).

God bless the Ndokwa nominees, who are effectively representing the people of Ndokwa nation in the technical committee and those who are spending their time and money to enable our great ethnic communities to be electrified.

God bless Rodney Odili Obi, Sir Ossai Udom, Dr Hon Ossai N Ossai, Engr Tony Ezeuku, The king of Onyia, The Odogu Adiebuo 1 of Amai kingdom, Ifeanyi Anyim Nwador and so many others.

* Chocky Chukwuma writes from Kwale..

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