Zulum’s Zealous Zest And The Best Of Us

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ONCE in a long while, his type comes around from a far and abstract oasis of genuine and conscienscious humanity, locked up by some esoteric factors.

Governor Babagana Umara Zulum of Borno state doesn’t seem to belong to our world where politics of primitive accumulation, klepto-patrimony and prebendalism holds sway.

Zulum’s avowed zealotism is hinged on the spartan desire to make a mark and a change against the known and the familiar but tiring status quo. Borno state, which unfortunately has become the theatre of the ongoing Boko Haram war in the troubled Nigerian North East, has never had it so good in terms of governance.

With over 556 capital projects in two years amidst a raging security threat, Governor Zulum is obviously on a mission to demystify the superficiality of governance while rewriting the narratives. But this was not without its price as the governor has on several occasions, missed death by the whiskers in his tour of duty.

At 52, this Professor of soil and water Engineering is truly in a hurry to change the face of governance by a usual knack to satisfy all strata of the Borno Community. From water projects to the building of the public schools and even the renovation of palaces for district heads, Governor Zulum is on his way to implant his name in the right pages of history.

The Professor’s unique and workaholic style of serving his people has undoubtedly, drawn some accolades to him even from the unusual quarters. One unique thing about Governor Zulum and his capital projects is the fact that they are on the ground, verifiable and of a high standard. He is truly from the little tribe of the very best among us.

It is on this premise that one wonder where he gets his money for such infrastructural projects from that others of his peers cannot reach? May our Niger Delta Governors take a cue from Prof Zulum and put an end to the massive waste of resources that has become their lot. Amen!

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